Google Disappointed Over California Proposals For Driverless Cars

April 27, 2023 5:36 pm20 commentsViews: 76

The Californian regulators have restricted the use of Google car and other driverless cars from traveling on public roads in the state without licensed human driver aboard.

Google Disappointed Over California Proposals For Driverless Cars

The proposal of Department of Motor Vehicles is not welcomed by Google and it has gravely showed disappointment to it.

According to the new proposal, all the vehicles on public roads of the state must have a steering wheel, pedals and a human driver. The proposal further adds the driverless cars must have an autonomous vehicle operator certificate.

The Google-designed driverless car is its own prototype two-person vehicle and it has been tested for several years exclusively equipped with sensor loaded. In the final design it confirmed the car would come without a steering wheel or pedals.

Currently Google is logging test miles with handful of its prototypes in Mountain View, California, and Austin, Texas with temporary wheels and pedals.

The prototype vehicles of Google can give a good ride to anyone from place A to place B at just the push of a button, and the technology is hoped to transform mobility for people in near future. It is claim could reduce accidents by about 94 percent which are caused by human error.


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