Guide To Pet Cremation Process – Types Of Cremation

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No matter how much we love our pets or anything else for that matter, there is going to be a time when they will be leaving us and we will have to say goodbye to them. For pets, after they pass away there are two options left to the pet owners and they are cremation and burial. The most common option that a lot of parent’s choice is cremation because one thing is cheaper and another thing is that they can keep something as a souvenir to remember their loved one at their home and that is the ashes.

Cremation process

Cremation services that are provided by Pet Afterlife service providers provide private, individual, and communal cremation services.

  • In the case of private cremation, your pet will be the only animal in that cremation unit.
  • In the case of individual cremation, in the commercial unit, there will be other pets but they will be segregated in a way that their ashes will still be different.
  • In a communal cremation, there are a lot of deceased animals that are cremated at a single place and after the cremation, the ashes will all be mixed up with other pets.

In the case of both private and individual cremation, the ashes can be provided back to the owners in an urn or any other container that they like. Many providers also provide facilities to customize the urn in which the ashes will be provided. This is a very good and famous option because people find it very touching to have remains of their deceased pet along with them at their home as a memory of them.

For the process, the services are completely carried on by the veterinarians after you have chosen your decision, the provider will pick up your pet from the hospital and perform the cremation. After that, the ashes will be sent back to the hospital from where you can collect those remains.

As mentioned earlier, it is the most common method for handling animals’ remains. The cost included in this method is also not very high but the actual cost depends upon the size of your animal, the type of animal dealing with, and the type of cremation services that you use. In the case of cremation, the average cost of cremation could be around $200-$400.

We highly recommend using cremation over burial because one is more natural. After all, then you get to keep something of your loved one with you at your home and another reason is it’s cheap. Not every parent is wealthy so to deal with pets remains the best possible while keeping the budget in mind, cremation is the best option for you. Consider when choosing the right crematory but otherwise the entire process is very easy and trusted by a lot of pet owners


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