How Many Work Hours in a Month?

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How Many Hours in a Month? In the United States, most workers are employed full-time and work an average of 40 hours per week. However, about 12% of all U.S. workers are self-employed and work more than 60 hours per week, and another 13% have reduced weekly hours but still work at least 31 hours per week to earn supplemental income or because they can’t find full-time employment. Americans typically spend about 8 to 9 waking hours at the office each weekday and between 10 to 11 working each Saturday or Sunday.

Averages: How Many Hours in a Month?

A full-time salaried team member working 40 hours per week will typically work between 240 and 260 hours during a calendar month. After accounting for the typical 5 to 10 business days that most companies take off per month translates into at least 20 days of actual work.

The number of hours Americans spend each day is gradually increasing: in 2010, men worked about 8.8 hours per day and women averaged about 7.4 hours. A year earlier, these numbers were closer to 8 or 8.5, respectively. Only 11% of workers work more than 50 hours per week, while 26% work no more than 34 hours per week (the latter figure includes part-time workers).

Leap years

Years that add an extra day to the standard 365 days in a year will generally result in fewer yearly work hours due to added vacation days – call it the “leap year effect.” For example, a worker who logs 1,800 hours in a non-leap year will only have 1,760 hours by the end of February 28 of such a leap year. 

How Many Hours in a Month? Over a year, Americans work an average of 8.5 hours per weekday (Monday to Friday) and 10.5 hours on any given Saturday or Sunday. When averaged over seven days, workers work around 40 hours per week. The first day of a weekend consists of 8 waking hours, followed by another eight on the second day and another six on the third.

The average number of days in a month:

There are usually four weeks composed of 5 days followed by a weekend, totaling 25 days in a given month. It makes the “average” month a total of 156 hours, or just over ten working days. To account for weekends, this means that the average American works around 136 “business hours” per month – which averages out to 9.12 hours per business day (Monday through Friday) or 42.08 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday).

Lower-income jobs tend to have fewer average work hours than higher-paying jobs, but this is only sometimes the case. For example, healthcare and education are usually among the few occupations with longer work hours than most other industries. Americans typically work just over 40 hours each week. In some industries, such as construction, with high labor turnover (e.g., building contractors), these numbers can sometimes be even lower.

Several factors can explain this:

Generally, lower-paying jobs do not provide generous vacation and sick leave benefits, making many employees choose to take their time off when needed instead of missing a day’s pay. Conversely, higher-paying jobs often require employees to be more efficient if they are expected to earn the highest salaries and bonuses within a particular company or industry.

Methods of calculation

The average number of work hours per week (for salaried employees) can be calculated by adding the total number of hours spent at work during a given period, multiplying the total number of days worked in that same period, and then dividing this sum by half—divide by 2.

The average number of hours worked per weekday or Saturday/Sunday can be calculated by multiplying the total number of working days in a given period by the typical daily or weekly working hours for an individual. However, this calculation can only be made for full-time employees who work an average schedule of five 8-hours shifts per week (40-hour work weeks) and ten standard days off per month.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Are these numbers correct for the entire year (365 days)?

Yes, the average American works a total of 362 hours per year. But the average workweek of 9.12 hours per day is only approximately accurate due to variable working hours, including weekends when many employees take off.

2. How many hours is your typical night shift worker working?

It depends on whether the team member is salaried or hourly, but they probably work over 10 hours on Saturday or Sunday nights.


The average hours worked per week varies depending on the number of open businesses and how many days they are open each week. Businesses during the weekend vary as well. The year comprises 52 weeks, with two weeks off for holidays, which equals 104 working weeks. Since most companies close on Sundays, the average number of hours worked per month is about 90.


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