How to Overcome Challenges in Business Partnerships

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Starting a business partnership can be an exciting venture filled with promise, but the reality is, many partnerships face rocky terrain, with some statistics suggesting that 50 to 80% of them fail within the first few years. If your business partnership is on the brink, addressing the issues head-on is crucial, and here are seven steps to guide you through the process:

How to Overcome Challenges in Business Partnerships

Start Now

Procrastination won’t make problems disappear; they’ll only become more challenging. The best time to address partnership issues may have been in the past, but the second-best time is now. Face the challenges, discuss them openly, and don’t let them linger.

Get Help

When tension is high, partners often create narratives about each other that can worsen the situation. Seek the assistance of an objective and trusted mentor, consultant, coach, or mediator. A neutral third party can provide a safe space for discussion, neutralize emotional charges, and de-personalize the issues at hand.

Talk Live

Unless legal threats are imminent, opt for live and direct communication. Email and text lack the emotional depth needed for understanding, increasing the risk of misinterpretation.

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Clarify Intentions

Amidst emotional turmoil, clarity can be lost. Share your true intentions openly – whether it’s to revive the enjoyable aspects of the partnership, improve the business, or amicably dissolve the relationship. Ensure intentions are mutually beneficial and invite collaboration rather than hostility.

Hear Each Other Out

Allow each partner the opportunity to share their perspective without accusations or assumptions. Make a commitment to focus on events and personal experiences. Establish behavioral agreements, such as not interrupting or yelling, to create a conducive environment for dialogue.

Identify Top Issues

Emotions run high during conflict, making it crucial to pinpoint the most significant issues causing problems. What are the key challenges that, if resolved, could alleviate 80% of the partnership’s woes? Strategically identify and address these hot spots to minimize damage to the business and potentially salvage the relationship.

Be Compassionate

Understand that business partnerships are inherently challenging. Show compassion for both yourself and your partners. Acknowledge the difficulties, as everyone involved is likely experiencing stress and the consequences of their actions. Recognize that, as fallible humans, we are all entitled to a range of emotions.

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Dealing with problems in a business partnership can be really hard, but talking openly, honestly, and respectfully about the main issues can make things better. Even though facing challenges is expected, having good conversations and using helpful tools can make the partnership stronger, boost confidence, and lead to solving problems in a positive way. If you’re going through a tough time in your business partnership, know that you’re not on your own, and by approaching things the right way, there’s a chance things can get better.


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