How to Plan a Holiday Toy Show and Share

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Planning a holiday themed favorite toy show and share does not need to be a difficult task. These steps provide a suggested planning guideline. Adjust or adapt the planning the steps to fit the particular needs of the class, center, or school.

Choose a date. This should be after the holidays have finished. Many early childhood centers and schools have a winter break until early January. Try to avoid scheduling this special toy themed show and share until a few days after the students have returned from vacation. Parents may forget the date that has been set if it occurs on the first day back. Leave adequate time to send home a reminder.

Draft a parent letter. Write a simple letter that explains the purpose of this activity. Include the date and time (in case some children do not attend all day), appropriate toy selection based on school policies, labeling toys, and any plans for allowing the children to play with the toys while at school following this activity. Send the letter home with each child and post it on a bulletin board, calendar, or other noticeable place.

On the day of the show and share, collect the toys as the children come into the classroom. If possible ask each child to store his or her toy in a cubby. Hand the toys back to the children directly before the show and share begins.

Ask the students to sit in a circle on a carpeted area. Invite the children to stand up (one at a time) and take turns talking about the favorite toy.

After the show and share has ended either collect the toys to send home or allow the children to play with them. If children are allowed to play with the toys from home set up rules for appropriate play and sharing.


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