How to Save Money on Children’s Expenses

April 19, 2023 10:23 pm18 commentsViews: 214

Here are some money saving tips to help you cut back on the expenses for your child.

Shop end-of-season – When clothing, outerwear and other seasonal items go on sale, stock up for next year. You may not be able to predict what size your child will be in next year, but in some things you can safely buy a size or two larger and take advantage of close-out prices. Buying at the end of the season means you can find swim suits for just a couple of dollars, or winter coats and snow pants for $5 or $10. This results in significant savings next year.

Stock up on school supplies – During the summer, school supplies are at their lowest prices of the year. Prices more than double or triple once the sales are over. You know that you are going to need to replace items during the school year like crayons, pencils and glue. Stock up on them when the price is right. You can buy five boxes of crayons at the sale price for less than you will pay for one box once the sale is done. Certain school supplies, such as backpacks, get marked down even further once the school year starts, so keep a lookout for sales and buy ahead for next year.

Pack lunches – School lunches may seem like an inexpensive and easy alternative, but you can save by packing lunches for your kids. With the average school lunch costing $10 a week, or more, you can easily make a lunch for less money, with food that your child will actually enjoy and is likely more nutritious. If there is a bread or bakery outlet store near you, you can find deeply discounted prices on some of the things your children love.

Shop thrift stores & garage sales – Children grow quickly and often outgrow their clothing before they wear it out. Shopping at thrift store and garage sales can net you some great bargains at a fraction of the price. You may even find the name brands that your kids love without the hefty price tags.

Trade with friends – If your friends have children slightly older or younger than yours, you can trade clothing, toys or school supplies that they are no longer using. Set up a swap night with all your friends and enjoy a night of friendship while saving money.

Freecycle – Freecycle is a non-profit group dedicated to sharing things with others that might normally be thrown away. This can include clothes, toys, bikes, and many other things that can be useful for your family. Things given or traded on Freecycle can range from toys and clothing to appliances and automobiles. These groups are divided regionally to help prevent you from paying high gas prices to go pick up your free item.

Use the tips that will help your family get the most of your heard earned money and enjoy the reward of the extra money in your wallet.


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