Is Turkey Safe For Travelers

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Is Turkey Safe For Travelers

Following the failed coup attempt about two weeks ago it is questioned whether traveling to Turkey would be safe even though it is a known fact the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is putting all the required efforts to restore order in the country and return to normalcy.

Is Turkey Safe For Travelers

Turkey is not hundred percent safe for travelers now as the country is potentially volatile for travelers after dismissal of 3,000 judges, barring of 3 million civil servants from leaving the country and trying to reinstate the death penalty.

Even before the failed coup attempt Turkey has struggled to combat terrorist attacks and largely in the capital city Ankara and Istanbul.

Each year about 800,000 Americans visit the country and travels are considered safe in general.

Meanwhile, the US advises against travel to Turkey mainly targeted Ankara and Istanbul. The coastal resorts have not been affected by the coup attempt violence.

In such situation if anyone is planning to visit Turkey, it is advised to take extra safety measures.

Share your own views whether you would like to visit Turkey amid such government stability issue and whether the president would be able to regain the attention of global tourists to make them get attracted to the land once again. Use the below given comment box.


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