Know Infernal vs Abyssal language

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Infernal vs Abyssal language: The article provides a comparison between the languages used by Abyssal beings and those that hail from Infernal realms. Although they share many similarities, there are still minor differences in how these two groups communicate with each other – especially when it comes to Chaotic Evil creatures like outsiders or demons who speak only one type of language at any given time, depending on their alignment tier.

The languages of Devils and Lawful Evil outsiders are Infernal, but it’s not just them. The primary tongue in Baator is also called Abyssal language because both types share many similarities with each other. The language of the abyss and infernal are very similar.

  • Devils speak Infernal and are out of the Nine Hells. 
  • Demons speak Abyssal.
  • The Demons and Devils don’t like each other.


The abyss is a bottomless chasm that spans the length and breadth of creation. It’s full of an infinite swarm, seeking to overthrow or absorb others for their own purposes; these are often in accordance with good but not always so light struggles on behalf of its forces. The great beings that had been fighting the Demons for ages saw their battle as fruitless and left behind a magical creature so powerful it could fight these terrible enemies. They did not want anything standing in the way of what they believed was, but nonetheless would bring death to any who opposed them with no hesitation whatsoever. Infernal Hells’ Devil was not someone to be taken lightly. They fought back against their counselors and sent them packing, one way or another.

The war between good and evil has been going on for as long as there have been humans. This time, it is different, though- because now we know that the Devils are not divine beings themselves but rather just powerful monsters from another world who want to rule our own. The abyssal language is a complicated and confusing set of sounds that can be difficult for those who don’t know it well. This ancient tongue has only recently been made more accessible through the use of an updated script. Still, even this modified form poses significant challenges in writing down any words due to its chaotic nature. The language that is spoken in the abyss is called Abyssal. It’s used for communicating with demons, which can sometimes speak other languages as well.

Sound of Abyssal!

Infernal vs Abyssal language: The sound of Abyssal is a chaotic language that seems to be created by barking dogs and swarms of angry hornets. Some examples might have soft tones, such as the droning sea waves mixed with noise from an array of insects. When a demon speaks, their tone of voice should be one that is commanding and authoritative. Lowly bar-lgura may have soothing speech, while high-ranking Balors prefer to speak in an elegant manner; however, this is only sometimes true, as the chaotic abyssal demons can sound like random noises when they talk unfamiliar languages or dialects. Know: Infernal vs Abyssal language.


The letters of an alien language are transcribed on sheet music for mortal ears to hear. These sounds arise from the burnt-out city, Mulhorand, where these Clerics study Infernal, and its harshness is matched only by their patience in teaching it so that others may translate what they’ve learned into words humans understand.

Infernals developed one of our kind with thought patterns unlike humanity’s, but this didn’t stop them from adopting many traits seen here, such as alphabetical script, which was used specifically because each symbol represented more than just sound.

Infernal is a language of four parts, each part having its own word and meaning. These words are tied to the Baatorian caste system through their connections with demons. Baatezu’s lessen tongue was as refined and sophisticated, used to communicate some concepts such as despise or honor. It had a gravelly tone compared with their least variation but not strictly musical.” It had a more gravelly tone compared with its least variation but was not musical by nature; many non-devils have heard Infernal and discovered exactly how different they were when discovering these sounds for themselves. Do you understand: Infernal vs Abyssal language.

The inflection on “Infernals” is key here because it changes what kind of noise we’re talking about – an either/or situation becomes multifaceted.

The two greater baatezu were able to have entire conversations using only the beginnings of their article in Infernal. This requires careful planning and responding intelligently so as not to break any cues based on what is said or unsaid, which would result in an embarrassing situation for both parties involved. Mortals can’t understand this language because it’s demonic and harmful to humans. The malevolence of the patterns will drag you into an eternity in hell just by hearing them spoken aloud.

Infernal vs Abyssal language

Native LanguageChaotic Evil outsiders or Language of DemonsLawful Evil outsiders and Language of Devils
Where is the language spoken?Pandemonium and Planes of The AbyssGehenna and Planes of Baator
Origin of SpeakerAbyss’s  infinite layersNine Hells
Written TextNoYes, have alphabets
How is the sound?With slangs, Internal has a bad form.Infernal language is general
Sounds likeBarking dong’s sound, NoiseVery simple to complex
Transcription of AlphabateNot applicableMulhorandi language’s Thayan dialect
Used in battlefieldNoYes
baatezu caste system’s connectionNOYes

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