Lebanese Olympc Team Refused Sharing Bus With Israeli Counterpart At Rio 2016

April 15, 2023 3:45 am7 commentsViews: 135

Lebanese Olympic team has been alleged to have shown disgraceful towards Israeli team by not sharing a bus ride with them to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Lebanese Olympc Team Refused Sharing Bus With Israeli Counterpart At Rio 2016

Israeli sailor Udi Gal said it was surprising to see Lebanese delegates sitting inside the bus which they were suppose to board on Friday evening to head to the Maracana Stadium for the inaugural ceremony of the Games.

The Israel side further allege Lebanon slammed the door in front of their noses.

Both the Mediterranean neighbors have a thorny history of military confrontations.

Facebook post of Gal reads, “The 2016 Olympics – a disgrace!!… Once the members of the Lebanese delegation realized they were [sharing the bus] with the Israeli delegation, they asked the driver to close the door, with their delegation leader heading [the effort].”

Gal added the organizers thereafter had sent them to another, special vehicle in an effort to prevent an international incident.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese team claims each delegation was arranged a separate bus.

On the day 250 buses were dedicated to carry delegates from the Olympic village to Maracana Stadium. Bus number 22 was allotted to the Lebanese delegation and the team was surprised to see the Israeli team approaching it. As an aftermath they asked the driver to shut the door, but the Israeli team guide prevented the action.

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