Mastering the Networking Game for Career Growth

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Have you ever landed a job through a friend’s recommendation? Attended a conference to gain insights? Or sought career advice online? If yes, you’re already diving into the world of professional networking – a game-changer for career advancement.

Mastering the Networking Game for Career Growth

Navigating through the maze of building a professional network might seem daunting. Questions like “Where do I start?” or “How do I make the most of it?” often pop up. To address these concerns, we’ve tapped into the wisdom of industry leaders and experts from diverse fields.

Benefits of Networking

According to Anshul Agrawal, director at Mysore Deep Perfumery House & ZedBlack, a robust professional network is vital for personal and career growth, whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, or student. Agrawal himself landed a job opportunity through connections forged during his college days.

Meenu Anand, a prominent HR professional, stresses the importance of networking in staying updated with industry trends and gaining visibility. Entrepreneurs like Manish Bansal of Window Magic also credit networking for enhancing brand credibility and unlocking new opportunities.

Research backs these claims: 78% of startups owe their success to networking, as highlighted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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Tips for Building Your Network

Ambreen Virk, CHRO at MyTrident, advises setting clear goals and starting early. Identifying the right platforms – be it social media or industry-specific groups – is crucial, as emphasized by Agrawal.

Quality beats quantity in networking. Surround yourself with individuals who share your goals for maximum impact, suggests Agrawal.

Prachi Kaushik, founder of Vyomini, stresses the importance of consistency and genuine interactions in nurturing professional relationships.

Giving back to your network is equally important, according to Rajesh Bharatiya, CEO of Peoplefy. Offering mentorship or sharing resources fosters goodwill and opens doors to future opportunities.

Dos and Don’ts of Networking

Sheenu Arora, HR director at Eros Hotel, offers practical dos and don’ts:


Attend networking events and follow up with personalized messages.
Offer support and share expertise with your connections.
Stay consistent and engage regularly on platforms like LinkedIn.
Don’t hesitate to follow up after initial interactions.
Listen intently and show genuine interest in others.


Don’t be discouraged by rejection; keep pursuing opportunities.
Avoid overselling yourself; focus on building authentic relationships.
Don’t approach networking selfishly; prioritize mutual respect and shared interests.

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Nurturing a professional network requires dedication and care. Just like raising a child, investing time and effort into your network pays off in the long run, ensuring mutual growth and success. So, let’s unlock the full potential of networking and propel our careers to new heights.


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