McDonald’s Discontinues Step-It Fitness Tracker Distribution With Happy Meals

April 15, 2023 8:07 am219 commentsViews: 493

McDonald’s has announced to be removing its Step-It fitness trackers from Happy Meals following few reports of potential skin irritations after wearing the band.

McDonald's Discontinues Step-It Fitness Tracker Distribution With Happy Meals

The fast food giant spokeswoman Terri Kickey said they have taken the step voluntarily as customer safety is most important for them and they are also investigating the issue.

The plastic wrist-worn pedometers were distributed at the outlets in United States and Canada to measure steps of the person wearing it and blinks either slowly or quickly based on the pace of the wearer.

The Step-It gadget initially became much debated whether wearing it really promotes healthier lifestyles among children or those were just another crafty marketing strategy.

New York City paediatrician Dr Lisa Thebner said the distribution of Step-It fitness tracker sends a message among parents and children that physical activity is good for health.

Thebner added, “it’s nice to be able to have something that encourages kids to be more active, instead of handing out a big ice cream cone along with it.”

Assistant professor of adolescent and child psychiatry at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Michelle Garrison, said such gadget can benefit when families get into it.

A research in 2009 revealed gadgets like pedometers are useful for promoting physical activities.

If you are in the United States or Canada, do share your views on the McDonald’s move and whether the distribution of Step-It fitness tracker has completely been discontinued.


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