Nike To Launch Auto Lacing Shoes On November 28

April 15, 2023 8:47 pm103 commentsViews: 782

Finally Nike has announced the launch date of its self-lacing sneakers that is inspired by the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to The Future II.


Dubbed as HyperAdapt 1.0, the shoes will be made available on shelves from November 28 for “experience & purchase.”

Revealing the launching date, Nike’s Heidi Burgett tweeted further the shoes will only be made available in select Nike locations in the US.

However, there has been no word on the pricing part either officially or unofficially. It is still unknown but is expected to be tagged with a high price.

It is learned each shoe to come with an internal cable system that is made from fishing line and a pressure sensor in the sole.

The cable tighten based on algorithmic pressure equation and keep on adjusting throughout the day.

The shoes come with LEDs in the heel that light up when the shoes run out of battery or when the tightening process is being worked automatically.

The shoes will take three hours for a full charge and Nike claims each of the charges will last for about two weeks.

Nike is offering a magnetic clip-on charger with the shoes.


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