Paving Your Career Path with A Degree in Fine Arts

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“Art is the embryonic unification. It speaks many languages without a translator.”

We all have heard people criticising those students who opt for art degrees. “Oh, you don’t have a career.”, “Oh, so you want to teach? What else can you do?” “Arts does not have much scope”It was long time back when arts was just limited to a couple of career options. But now pursuing fine arts is a good choice and has numerous career options.

career in fine arts

Today, a fine art degree allows students to consider all sorts of exciting career options that were not possible before. Most of the work requires a dynamic creative approach which requires sculpting their path. For instance, an artist is needed in almost every work field to design, think, and create the concepts. Educational institutions have also formulated studies according to modern world requirements. A degree of bachelor in arts has exposure to varied subjects where they can choose their majors as per interest. Technological advancements have also helped them create careers in the online world as well.

Various skills you can learn from a bachelor in arts are interpersonal skills, critical thinking, non-verbal communication, analytical depth, memory and pattern recognition, and more.

There are many reasons to consider pursuing a bachelor’s in arts. Some of them are:

• Creative outlets

From theatre to fashion, from history to sculpture, many creative outlets come under fine arts. The diverse range of subjects let you choose according to your ease and interest in the topic. With the valuable feedback of your peers and professors, you can refine their skills to achieve desired goals.

• Learning latest styles

From learning about the past to the present and future, you can garner your artistic methods and techniques. Open your creative world of possibilities with the techniques and technologies to learn and create a new form of art. Obtaining information from varied sources may help you improve your work and gives an exposure to the styles for you never considered the possibility.

• Skill refinement

Throughout your curriculum, you engage with various workshops and take lessons from professionals and instructors to enhance your skills. The valuable feedback hones your skills and makes you better at what you do. Apart from the skills you refine, other personal skills such as interpersonal and analytical skills can be used in various other sectors.

• Specialisation

Usually, the final years of your curriculum often specialise in one or two courses you choose to major. It will upgrade your skills in those particular courses where you are exposed to learning in-depth. These are the skills in which you can choose to grow careers. Some professions, like fashion designing, may also give you exceptional career opportunities and travel lifestyle.

• Opportunities

There is a vast range of possibilities a degree in fine arts can give. From museum curation to illustrator to TV production, the prospects are high. Some of the industries where you can work are fashion, television or film, arts and culture management, entertainment industry, and more.

• Gaiety

It is amongstanessential part of pursuing a bachelor’s in arts. You only choose this career when you have a set mindset and skills towards the creative world, or to learn more about history, and exploring online creative world. The educational curriculum is full of enjoyment and skill enhancement.

After completing your education, many careers options open-up which you can choose to give flight to your career. Here are some of them:

• Museum curator

The museum is amongst the accessible employment sources for the ones who have completed their education in art and its history. Bachelor’s in art can give you career opportunities in various departments of a museum such as curators, managers, tour directors, and more.

• Art dealer

As an art dealer, you get to explore your marketing and sales skills with the knowledge of art. It involves travelling around different places and exploring all the formats of art to gain experience. You can also work for private art collectors as well as for the museums and art galleries.

• Writing career

With an in-depth knowledge of art, its history and creative writing skills, you can grow your career in writing. Many industries such as entertainment, online media, newspapers, and more employ writing professionals as consultants, writers, content curators, editors, and more.

• Game designer

Today, game designing is a hot business. Many multimedia professionals, story curators, and software developers are in demand to frame a game. The game design relies on various form of education such as a degree in arts to create the storyline,

• Historian

Art historian knows about specific types of art forms with its history. They closely work with other departments such as art dealers and consultants and others to preserve ancient and modern forms of art. Historians complete their study up to doctorate level to have in-depth knowledge of the art world. Their focus lies in modern and ancient art such as sculptures, paintings and more.

Combine an artist’s life with a viable career

Artists today do more than paint, sculpt, or photograph. Many universities like UPES in India provide such career opportunities for budding artists in various forms. A degree in Bachelor of arts from esteemed universities like UPES offers enormous career options to secure future and grow varied skills. A highly demanding career of in graphics and communication industry and emerging media has vast prospects.
With the growth of knowledge, a stable, viable career can augment.


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