Penang, Malaysia – What to See

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Penang, Malaysia, is a blend of East and West, where old world charm blends modernity, and beaches entice with clean sands and sparkling seas. Known for its harmonious multi-racial populace, the seat of government is in Georgetown, the capital, which still carries traces of an older colonial world.

What To See and Do in Penang

Acheen Street Malay Mosque

Built in 1820, the vernacular-style mosque features an octagonal minaret and a Moorish arcade.

Little India

A town that dates back over two centuries and has the 167 year old Sri Mahamariamman Temple. The pre-war terrace buildings now house restaurants, jewellery and textile shops, as well as spice emporiums.

Penang Hill

Malaysia’s first hill station, Penang Hill is 830 metres above sea level. Reach the top via funicular in operation since 1922, or you can hike to the top. The cool climate there ensures a large crowd during the hot season. Fantastic views from the summit.

Penang National Park

In the park are excellent hiking trails which lead to secluded beaches at Telak Duyang, Muka Head and Pantal Kerachut. It also has a turtle nesting site.

Penang Butterfly Farm

Spanning 5 acres and housing some 800 birds from all over the world it is beautifully landscaped and features a walk-in aviary and many ornamental plants.. Home to 3,000 living specimens from over 50 species of colourful butterflies, frogs, scorpions and other insects

Penang Bird Park

Penang Museum. Hundreds of old prints, paintings, clay, stone and porcelain ware highlight the important periods in Penang’s development.

Gurney Drive

The favourite haunt of food enthusiasts, this coastal road is famous for its hawker foodstalls and restaurants. A mouth-watering selection of Penang specialities is found here, such as asam laksa, hokkien mee, chee cheong fun, rojak etc.

Tropical Spice Garden

An 8-acre garden which has over 500 varieties of plants in a tropical environment.

War Museum

Built around the remnants of a British Fort, this 20-acre museum contains several installations above and below ground where old war relics are stored.

Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

Penang is a shopper’s paradise especially noted for electronic and electrical goods, cameras, batic clothing and wall hangings, and antiques. Coupled with a good choice of concerts, dramas, cultural performances and sports and recreational activities, this makes Penang ideal for any type of holiday.


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