Photogenic Highlights of Riga, Capital City of Latvia

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It’s an all-too-common cliché, but when people describe Riga as the “Paris of the Baltics”, it’s not without some cause. The Latvian capital’s Old Town and river frontage are elegant and historic, and the atmosphere, especially in summer, is vibrant and welcoming. We’ll tell you our tips for getting the best views (and the best photographs to enjoy later) in Riga.

See Riga from St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church (Petera Baznica) is in the southern half of Riga’s historic Old Town, and features on more Latvian postcards than any other church. It’s the tall red brick Gothic building you can’t miss, and its spire is the tallest in the city. The church was originally built in 1491, but disasters like fire and war have meant that St Peter’s has been reconstructed several times throughout its interesting history.

For the best views, take the lift up to the observation platform, 72 meters above Riga. The lift is open every day except Monday; but beware that it’s often windy up there and even on a relatively warm day, you might need a jacket. The views across both the Old Town and the Daugava River are fantastic.

Cruise on the Daugava River

If you fancy a view from lower down, then a cruise along Riga’s Daugava River might be just the thing for you. From Riga along the Daugava River, in fact, it is only 15 km to the Baltic Sea; but the best thing to do is simply take an hour-long cruise near the city center. You’ll see both the working part of the river with its giant cranes and small freight ships, and you’ll also get magnificent views over Riga’s Old Town. The skyline of Riga is famed as a great example of a historic city and many of the best photographs are taken from the river.

What Else to Enjoy in Riga

Museums, cafes and galleries abound in Riga, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to expore what interests you. In particular, the Museum of Occupation of Latvia gives you some understanding of the tumultuous history of the nation.


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