President Barack Obama Blesses Joe Biden For 2016 Election

April 26, 2023 1:50 pm0 commentsViews: 96

A senior Democrat said President Barack Obama has given his blessing to Vice President Joe Biden to make a 2016 bid if he chooses to run.

A private meeting was held between the President and Vice President over the lunch on Monday at the White House and one of the important topics discussed was a potential presidential candidacy.

However, the decision to run for the White House bid next year would be completely of Biden’s himself. He does not need the permission of the President for it.

Meanwhile, the office of Vice President has downplayed on all the speculation leading to the political future of Biden.

Though nothing has been yet confirmed, people familiar to the discussions said Biden is leaning toward the run. Prior to the Monday’s meeting, the Vice President also had a private session with Sen. Elizabeth Warrn on Saturday. This too hints he may explore the run.

Until now, for about months, officials expected former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the Democratic nominee in the next year election for White House. Obama too earlier appeared to have given his tacit approval to it. He said Clinton would be an excellent president.

With Biden’s inclination towards the run the bet on Clinton looks less certain now. Signs of weaknesses are also seen in her campaign lately.

Clinton left the administration as Obama’s secretary of state in early 2013.


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