Ryan Mack Says San Diego is Perfect for Young Entrepreneurs

April 19, 2023 6:10 pm4,625 commentsViews: 255

Ryan Mack, a marketing mogul and entrepreneur, thinks that San Diego is the perfect place where young entrepreneurs can start their businesses. Mack himself is from San Diego, and for him, the city’s relatively low living costs make it ideal for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to get started on their own ventures.

Mack says that the primary obstacle that he had to go through when he first started running businesses as a young adult was affording to live during the initial stages of his business. According to him, young entrepreneurs often have to put their capital into their business, and hence, they are not able to lead an expensive lifestyle. He thinks that moving to a place like San Diego, instead of going for key cities and conventional tech hubs, would allow a young entrepreneur to live comfortably even when he/she is still in the initial stages of operation.

The average cost of rent in San Diego is much lower than the cost in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Furthermore, other living expenses are substantially more affordable, and residents have more access to other basic needs such as transportation. A huge airport also allows for cheap flights to many US cities to be readily available.

Mack thinks that people have this idea that they need to be in Silicon Valley if they wanted to run a successful online business. However, he also adds that a lot of the successful online businesses and applications that are being used today are operated from all over the country. According to Mack, moving to San Diego would not hinder one’s ability to establish a successful online company or application, given the technological world that we live in.

San Diego, a city with a population of 1.3 million, also gets advantages because of its proximity to Mexico. The residents can easily access the Baja Peninsula because the Mexican border is only miles away from them. Additionally, fisherman and surfers who are seeking to make the most of the Pacific Ocean are visiting the area more and more. Despite this, the area is still significantly less crowded than the waterways and beaches in Los Angeles.

There is also an array of various organizations in the city, such as StartUp San Diego, which urges young business people to impart their knowledge and work together on city-based projects. The organization has already allowed a decent number of startups to maximize their potential by helping them get the funding that they need.

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