Save Money On Clothes With Swap Nights

April 19, 2023 10:32 pm13 commentsViews: 170

As seasons come and go and fashion changes, there are things in everyone’s closets that may never be worn again. But instead of throwing them out or giving them to the nearest thrift store, having a clothes swap night is a great way to get new outfits without spending any money.

Whether it is women’s clothing, accessories or something else, swapping stuff with friends makes saving money fun and brightens up the wardrobe with something different. To organize a clothes swap night, below are a few steps to having a fun and social night in.

1. Find the Right Friends

Not everyone is happy to see their old clothes on their friends, so it is important to ask around and see who is genuinely interested in getting involved. It is also important to think about how many people should be invited. Having a smaller number of friends will help ensure everyone gets a chance to look at what people have brought with them, while more people means more swapping can occur.

2. Work Out the Details

There are some other considerations that can be made before the swap night to ensure smooth running. For example, if there is a social element to the night, ask people to contribute by bringing a plate of food or some drinks to share. By structuring the night between food and drinks and clothes swapping a good dynamic can be created for the night.

Suggesting a minimum number of items to swap is a good idea so that everyone has the same amount of things. In some cases, however, if a person really wants another item, they may offer to swap more than one thing for it, so the minimum number may end up being more of a guideline depending on the types of people attending. You may also want to decide whether to swap just clothes, or include accessories like shoes and jewellery for more variety.

3. Structuring the Swap

The actual swapping can become confusing if it seems like a free-for-all situation and working out a structure beforehand is an easy way to stop things getting too crazy.

Some ways to structure the swapping are:

– Go around in a circle with everyone presenting their items, then make swaps afterwards
– Lay out each person’s items in separate sections so everyone can see everything
– Take turns presenting items and having interested people suggest their own in return (like an auction)

There are many other ways the swap could be done, but the important thing is to have fun and enjoy sharing fashion with friends.


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