Scientists Develop Tool To Make Mice Transparent

April 15, 2023 9:50 am42 commentsViews: 492

In a new research scientists have found a way to make a mouse transparent and this is done simply by removing the liquids and fats from its tissue.

Scientists Develop Tool To Make Mice Transparent

It is hoped the newly discovered method can be used in making unsliced model of a human brain without touching any of the delicate nerves.

It is also learned the new finding may reduce the need for lab scientists to kill living mice organs study.

Brain researcher at Ludwig Maximilans University of Munich in Germany, Ali Erturk, said this is the first time researchers have found a tool to make human brain transparent.

Details of the study are published in Nature Methods journal and the new finding is dubbed as DISCO (3-D imaging of solvent-cleared organs).

Erturk added, “We expect that this method is easily applicable to small monkeys, even to a whole human brain in the near future.”

Until now there was no approach of mapping the human brain at individual neuron level, but the new tool will help doing so.

The researcher mentioned further in their research work animals are sacrificed to get a small piece of their tissue and the rest part is wasted, but with the new technique the whole body could be used in studies.

Share your own views whether such technique will be able to solve several brain-based diseases in human beings in near future. Use the below given comment box.


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