Scientists Found One Planet That Rains Iron

April 23, 2023 5:08 am37 commentsViews: 129

Scientists have discovered one planet that is 640 light years ahead by observing that it is comparatively too hot and rain scalding droplets of iron when its rainy time there. 

The Scientist has named this new planet as Wasp-76b. It is also found that this planet has molten iron rain that is brutal enough to consist of any life on the planet. Wasp-76b, 640 light years ahead blows the wind of speed about 10,000mph. The temperature of this newly discovered planet is about 2,400°C during day time, which is a very hot temperature that can easily vaporize the heavy metals quickly.

However, during the night time the temperature of the planet drops by 1,000°C, this means that the metals get condensed, and the hot rain of iron gets stopped on the planet, as the reports of BBC.

This new planet, Wasp-76b, is twice as big as twice the size of Jupiter, was discovered by the scientists who published their new observation in the new journal of Nature that is done from Switzerland.

Dr David Ehrenreich, the scientist who conducted this new study, from the University of Geneva, talked with the reporters of BBC that “Imagine instead of a drizzle of water droplets, you have iron droplets splashing down.” that really sounds awful!.

The Wasp-76b is so near to its star that it only takes 43 hours to revolve around the sun as compared to our planet that takes one year.

The Scientists have used a completely new instrument that names Espresso, a huge Telescope situated in Chile at the European Southern Observatory that can observe giant gas planets.


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