Senegalese Troops Enter Gambia; Jameh’s Step Down Assured

April 17, 2023 7:41 am1 commentViews: 258

Senegal troops have entered the Gambian border Thursday to force President Yahya Jammeh to step down following defeat in a democratic election by opposition leader Adama Barrow.

Senegalese capital confirmed the military have entered the neighboring country as a part of West African regional effort to defend the election result.

Col. Abdou Ndiaye said they have entered Gambia and footage on social media shows Senegalese tanks and Humvees driving toward the border.

Meanwhile, a source also claims operation has been halted very lately to allow heads of West African countries to attempt a final negotiating with Gambian president.

By Thursday evening the troops were not seen in Gambian capital Banjul, but Gambians were seen pouring into the streets in support of the incoming military.

Gambian Modou Secka said, “We welcome them because they will bring a president who will restore democracy here.”

Gambia is a tiny country that draws British sunbathers. It has been in a political crisis for weeks.

The first batch of about 3,500 British holidayers returned back home on Wednesday saying the country is engulfed in immense chaos.

Jammeh is in power for about 22 years and in his televised speech earlier he said the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) violated electoral law and returning officers intimidated legitimate voters to turn away on election day.

Barrow is currently under protection of African bloc.


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