Shooter Arrested Of La Loche School, Saskatchewan, That Killed 4

April 27, 2023 11:14 pm25 commentsViews: 144

The alleged shooter was arrested Friday after killing four people at a school in a remote town in northern Saskatchewan, said Canadian police.

Shooter Arrested Of La Loche School, Saskatchewan, That Killed 4

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the incident is worst nightmare of every parent. He added, “On this sad day the whole country grieves with the people of La Loche and of Saskatchewan.”

The PM is currently in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual World Economic Forum. Earlier he reported five people were killed.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Chief Superintendent Maureen Levy said the initial announcement of five killed was on a developing situation and he confirmed the four deaths.

At around 1 p.m. (local time) the Canadian police were informed a person was firing a gun in La Loche Community School at the Dene High School. At around 1:47 pm. the suspect was arrested and his firearm was recovered too.

Canada has a stricter gun laws compared to the US and hence mass shootings are also relatively rare. The worst school shooting was at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 in which fourteen college students were killed. Another shooting in 1992 at Concordia University in Montreal took away lives of four people.

Police data reveals Saskatchewan had highest rate of family violence in 2014.

Are you near to the La Loche Community School? Do share your witness of the incident or investigation process thereafter with fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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