Shopping Carts Turn into Flood Escape Vehicles in Dubai

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Dubai residents are facing disruptions in their daily routines due to heavy rainfall causing waterlogging across the city. With flights diverted, driving becoming difficult, and schools closed, residents are urged to stay indoors as the weather department predicts more intense rain and winds in the region.

Shopping Carts Turn into Flood Escape Vehicles in Dubai

Despite the challenges, some resourceful individuals have found a unique way to navigate the flooded subways. A viral video circulating online showcases a group of people using shopping carts to ferry others through the submerged passages. While some brave the waters on foot to save money, others opt for the convenience of this makeshift transportation.

The situation arises amid the UAE government’s cloud seeding operations, initiated in 2002 to address extreme heat and water security concerns. However, inadequate drainage systems in certain areas have exacerbated flooding issues. Responding to the situation, authorities have issued warnings, advising residents to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, the viral video of individuals using shopping carts as impromptu boats has garnered significant attention on social media platforms like Instagram. With over 5 million views, the video has sparked varied reactions from users. While some found humor in the situation, others praised the individuals for their ingenuity and willingness to assist others during challenging times.

One user humorously requested, “Please send some rain to Bangalore.”

Another user expressed disappointment, stating, “So-called developed country.”

Amidst the discussions, one user acknowledged the entrepreneurial spirit, commenting, “This is business.”

While the circumstances remain challenging, the resilience and creativity of Dubai residents shine through as they navigate through the waterlogged streets, finding innovative solutions to overcome the disruptions caused by the heavy rainfall.


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