Simple Career Lessons Amidst Layoffs

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In March 2023, a career took an unexpected turn as an individual decided to leave a secure position at one of the largest consulting firms globally for a more senior role at a boutique firm. Attracted by the prospect of a great company culture and a chance to shape the future of the organization, this choice brought unexpected challenges but also substantial personal and professional growth. The experiences from this period provide valuable lessons for those facing career changes.

Simple Career Lessons Amidst Layoffs

Lesson 1: Finding a job is not your only job

Losing a job can feel like losing a piece of one’s identity, especially for high-performing individuals accustomed to a fast-paced work environment. The immediate instinct during a crisis is often panic, prompting a frenzied pursuit of a new role to fill the void. However, the approach of throwing oneself entirely into the job hunt is not always the solution.

A guiding principle during this challenging time is to treat every activity with the same respect given to a job. Whether you’re with loved ones, doing what you love, or taking care of yourself, each intentional activity is a valuable part of your daily routine. This lesson suggests keeping a balanced mindset during the job search, emphasizing the importance of self-care amidst uncertainty.

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Lesson 2: You’ll be surprised by the people who show up for you

The age-old saying, “Your network is your net worth,” holds true, but the experience reveals that connecting with the right people is more than a transaction. Losing a job brought forth a valuable lesson – the right connection or source of help can come from unexpected places.

As one reaches out to the network during a job search, surprises emerge in the form of individuals who step forward with significant leads, connections, and opportunities. This lesson extends beyond the immediate job search, emphasizing the importance of openness and flexibility in professional connections. Keeping an open mind and being willing to engage in conversations with a diverse range of individuals prove instrumental during times of career upheaval.

Lesson 3: Be willing to bet on yourself

While this lesson arises from a place of privilege, it underscores the importance of intentional career transitions when circumstances allow. A layoff can be an opportunity to pause, recalibrate, and determine one’s true career aspirations. Recognizing the luxury of having a financial safety net and support systems, approaching the job search with a mindset of patience and introspection becomes crucial.

The introspective process required to uncover the correct next step may be anxiety-inducing, but it also presents a rare opportunity to align professional paths with true passions. While the search for the perfect role should not hinder practical decisions, approaching the job search with patience ensures landing a position that goes beyond merely paying the bills.

Lesson 4: Learn to regulate your emotions

Losing a job is undoubtedly a stressful experience that can evoke fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, these emotions often manifest in interactions with the people closest to us. The renowned TV show “Ted Lasso” encapsulates this phenomenon with the phrase, “Hurt people hurt people.” The fear and uncertainty surrounding a career crisis can lead individuals to project frustrations onto those who love and support them.

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In hindsight, learning to be mindful of emotions and their influence on interactions becomes crucial. Dealing with a layoff can feel like plunging into darkness, and it’s crucial to be careful about who is dragged alongside in that journey. A crisis for an individual is also a crisis for the people who care about them, and fear can often blind us to this reality.


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