State owns Armenian Orphanage-Life Still hope full

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The Government thinks to nationalize the Armenian Orphanage of Tuzla in Istanbul with a deep concern to save it from destruction. To make sure that the current owner doesn’t bears the loss of his investments, the Government decides to nationalize the Armen Orphanage before handing it over to the Armen Community.

Various attempts are being made to curtain the issue and criticize the Government, Says Foundations Department President Adnan Ertem. He also tries to convince that the government is trying every possible stuff it is capable of. He says it’s very important to support good intentioned measures; motto to nationalize Armen Orphanage belongs to be one of them.

Few representatives dislike the way of thinking and demanded to hand over the property back. Adnan Ertem expressed objection on demand and denies to handover without being nationalized. Since, the property swapped numerous owners, it’s our soul responsibility to take care of the present owner and reasonably compensate. Posterior all issues get settled governments will groupthink handing it over to the community, Ertem contributes.”Ertem evidence the case of Madimak Hotel in Sivas where 37 lives got killed in 1993, being recycled as restaurant before getting the tag of nationalization and now, it’s reformed to science and culture center.

Efforts were made to save orphanage by Environment and Urban Planning minister Idris Gulluce and Mayor Kadir Topbas, earlier reports signify.

The state seizes the orphanage prior selling in 1987. Since, then the orphanage swapped numerous owners and present owner determine to bulldoze the present structure. Determining current dismal scenario, brings odd less protest and objections. Several representatives have put their unwillingness to bulldoze the structure.

The Armenian-Turkish journalist, Hrant Dink editor-in-chief of the Armenian newspaper Agos was slaughtered by a so called nationalist in 2007. Dink was in vogue due to the controversies between Turkey and Armenia.

Uygar Gultekin reporter of Agos specifies clearly in his reports that the Armenian community is ‘cautiously-optimistic’ that the orphanage will not be bulldozed. At the same time he also specifies that the community is solidly against nationalization and willing the property to abandon in the name of community absolutely.

Rather the issues of nationalization and handover, Tuzla community is expecting to nullify the site’s reconstruction license.

This issue also involves Marker Esayan, eye-catching Armenian based Turkish citizen. He also holds the candidature of the commanding Justice and Development Party (AK Party). “I know Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is also involved in this issue, it is now impossible to bulldoze the structure” says Esayan. Present owner deceived the municipality that the structure is gradually collapsing and obtains demolishing license, blames Eysan. He also blames Armenian Community for the negligence of not taking immediate actions to build in time.



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