Taylor Swift Splits With DJ Boyfriend Calvin Harris

taylor swift
taylor swift

After about fifteen months of dating they are not together. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have split, said a source adding things were not working right anymore between them.

taylor swift

Earlier this month Harris had a car accident and Swift was seen beside him in the hospital.

Sources say the two had issues even before the accident.

No comment about the split has yet come from either the pop princess or her DJ boyfriend. For more than a week Swift has not tweeted anything and all the recent tweets of Harris were about music.

One insider added, “There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes.”

Both of them celebrated their one-year anniversary earlier this year.

The split news has come as a surprise to fans and some of them even expressed sadness questioning “what happened.”

One fan tweeted, “Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reportedly split after 15 months together.”

For some of the fans the split could mean a new epic album. One Twitter follower wrote, “So Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have split. How long till Taylor releases a new breakup album?”

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