Thousands Burmese Rohingya Muslims Flee Bangladesh Amid Military Crackdown

April 16, 2023 1:22 pm15 commentsViews: 331

The Rohingya Muslims in hundreds have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar after the military crackdown on suspected Islamic militants and violence in western part of the country.


It is reported many have been shot and killed while trying to flee. Children too were among the group attempting to escape.

Since October 9 parts of the Arakan state is on lockdown following attacks on three Burmese border security posts in the region and it is alleged the attackers were members of armed jihadist group.

Meanwhile, the Burmese government has launched counterterrorism operations and more than hundred people have died in Maungdaw since then.

Maungdaw is in the northern part of Arakan state and is also commonly called as Rakhine. It has a minority population of about 1.1 million and mostly they are considered as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh even though for generations they have resided in Burma, the old name for Myanmar.

Since the beginning of counterterrorism operations journalists and humanitarian aid have been barred from entering the region citing civilians could be affected.

It is reported the security forces have committed abuses too like razing of villages, extrajudicial killings and rape.

The government has denied of any wrongdoing claiming the attackers have caused damages.

Satellite images in the period of tensions reveal hundreds of structures burned down to ground.


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