Tips On How To Fix The Roof On Your Own

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If you are the kind of guy that does not want to pay others for the work that you can do alone, then you are in the right place. Normally it is possible that you discover a water stain on the roof or you hear loud noise up from there the best thing to do this to go upstairs and fix it on your own. You must also make sure that you have experience in the field because fixing the roof can be very dangerous and it must only be exercised with extreme care.

If you think that you are not comfortable with the height or the positions, you must definitely call someone professional to do a job as it can be harmful to your health. Without further ado let’s begin the process of fixing the roof. Here we provide you the right course of action in case of the very common roof damages that can happen. We also recommend you hire a professional roofer if the damage is too high because staying up on the roof for a longer period of time may not be the best idea for a normal person who does not have experience in this field.

Damaged Flashing

If the flashing of your roof is cracked or it is broken loose, the area around them will be vulnerable to moisture and rain. In this case, the best bet is to remove and replace the flashing, it can cost you around $20 to get a new flashing and you can use any other surrounding materials to remove the previous one and install the new one.

Worn Sealant

A sealant is used around the edges of skylights with flashing and once cracked, it will not be able to do its job. To fix this you can apply new tar or re-caulk.


If a significantly heavy item falls on your roof, it can create significantly large punctures or holes in the roof. In this case, we recommend, you hire a professional roofer because it requires more materials and labor hours to fix the roof. After the professional people have done the jobs, you can cover the whole area with a material that is small enough and temporary which allows the moisture to pass through it to make it strong.

Damaged Vent Boot

As the name suggests, a vent boat is supposed to protect the area against moisture around the vents. If it is damaged moisture can lead to the surface, the best bet here is to replace the vent boot while using the materials surrounding to help you during the process.


Singles may be missing or get damaged by whatever reason, any animal activity or strong weather conditions. The best bet is to replace the old shingles with the new ones, a bundle of shingles may cost you around $30.


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