Tips On Writing An Effective Essay

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Writing essays can be a large part of the school life for students and many students find it to be a dreadful task because they are judged solely based on the quality of the essay. An essay can be for any purpose, it could be for an event, test, class, or even for a scholarship. An essay needs to be perfect and many students freak out due to this because they find all of this very overwhelming. So, today here are some easy steps that students can follow to write an effective essay without worrying much about the outcome.

Best tips for writing an essay

Pick a topic

This is a very fluid step because you may already have a topic or you may not have a topic. So, it is for the latter case because the best way to start writing an essay is to determine the topic that you are going to write an essay about. Because that will define the overall thinking that you are going to do throughout the process and your focus should be on the topic only.

If you have been assigned a topic then you do not have to worry about this and move on to the next steps.

Prepare diagrams or an outline of the ideas

Once you have decided on the topic of the essay, it is time to take a moment to visualize and perform the research. Your essays on not going to be any good without research as it doesn’t matter how good your grammar or your vocabulary is, there is to be content in your essay and the contents should be linked from start till the end. For that, there needs to be some foundation that could be achieved by researching. Look online or through some of the books in the library to get the idea of what your outline is going to be. You can even decide the focus points of your essay.

Prepare your thesis statement

Now that you have gathered an outline or diagram for the topics to address in the essay, the next step is to prepare your thesis statement. It will provide the main ideas behind the essay to the reader. There can be two parts to this statement. The first part will contain your topic and then another one will contain the essay content.

The body

Once you have figured out all the things mentioned above, the most important step begins which is to write the content and that content will later be called the body of an essay. You need to write all of your arguments, suggestions, and recommendations, and opinions in the body. You can divide the body into small paragraphs which makes them easier to read. The paragraphs should be such that they address things related to the same top topic but add something new to the overall essay.


Once the body and features are developed for your essay, there is a need for an introduction. The introduction should be such that the reader gets hooked on reading your entire essay and not get distracted. You need to be precise and grab the attention of the reader, quotes, or questions that are related to the topic that can be part of the introduction.


The essay must begin with an introduction, then comes the body, and it’s finished with the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion is nothing but the closure of the topic and sums up your ideas. You can include 3 to 5 bold sentences in the confusion that are added to the main points and provide support and conclusion of your thesis.

Adding the finishing touches

Many people finish this process just after they have completed the conclusion part, and the reality is that is not the end. You need to proofread your entire work before handing it over because there could be small things that you may have not paid attention to before, but now that you have done the most part, it is time to pay attention to those small details to provide the best essay that you possibly can. You can look at the size of the paragraphs, locate the grammatical options that you have made, and compare it with your friends. You can also determine the tone and change it if it is not appropriate and other finishing touches in this manner are also important.


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