Tips To Choose The Right Stroller For You

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In the case of new parents, there are a lot of new decisions that they have to make regarding the baby. Some of these decisions are not very difficult to make, while others may require some research and thinking. When it comes to choosing a stroller for your baby it can be really difficult to choose the right stroller when you do not know what to look for and what exactly do you need.

There is no denying the fact that a stroller with wheels is one of the most important things you will need as a parent in the case of new-borns. You cannot leave them at home unattended at any point in time which means you will need to take them with you wherever you go and having a stroller can be really lifesaving at that point in time. There are a few things that you must keep in mind before buying the stroller for your baby. Here we have pointed out a few things that many parents consider before choosing the stroller for their baby.

Factors to look for while choosing a Stroller

When shopping through a lot of different varieties of strollers, there are a few things that you must keep in mind and they are as follows:


If you are a new parent, you must be surprised that baby strollers are very costly. It is because they are kind of a necessity for every parent which allows the sellers to hike up the cost. Some high-end strollers can reach up to $800 but don’t worry you do not need that much money for a decent and stable stroller. You can get that type of taller at a cost that is very less than $800. We recommend you to not spend too much in the case of staller but also do not try to cut the cost too much because the baby’s comfort is very important. You can let go of additional features that you may not require but you must not compromise in the comfortable ability of the kid.

Family size

If you are a new parent and you think that there is only one baby that you are planning to have, getting a single stroller would be a good choice as it would be less costly and more suitable for you. But if you think that more babies are on the way you should look for a stroller that can be converted into to double stroller whenever needed. From the experience of some of the parents, we can say that they regret not buying a double stroller in many cases because getting a new stroller altogether may cost a fortune. You can even consider getting a stroller that can accommodate three children at a time to get on the safer side.


One might wonder how does a person’s lifestyle has any effect on the kind of stroller they buy for their baby. Besides looking for the stroller that keeps the baby safe and comfy a very important aspect is that you get a stroller that is best suited for your lifestyle. For example, if you are a frequent traveler then a stroller that is lightweight could be a great option for you because it is more comfortable to walk within public transportation or crowded places, if you live in a suburban area, getting an all-purpose stroller would be the best choice.

Now that the factors that you need to consider before buying a stroller are clear, let’s move on to the type of strollers available in the market. There are a large number of varieties available in case of strollers

Types of strollers

There are a large number of stroller types.

All-purpose stroller

As the name suggests an all-purpose stroller is a stroller that is considered ideal for all the everyday activities like going for walks around the neighborhood or going to the mall. These are also called full size, every-day or normal strollers. These are very solid strollers that combine a lot of convenient features like storage baskets and Cup holders with a smooth and comfy ride for the child. Some of them are specially modified to add another seat or stroller board. We recommend you to get an all-purpose stroller if you are a frequent traveler or if you are on the move very frequently. It is also the most common stroller for new parents. You can also consider getting an all-purpose stroller that has additional features like adding another seat if you are planning to have another baby in the future that can be really cost-saving for you in the long run as a parent.

Lightweight stroller

As the name suggests, the light-weight stroller is a type of stroller that weighs lower than an average full-time staller. It is suitable for traveling on public transportation because it requires less effort on the parent’s part to lift the stroller. Another great quality of lightweight stroller is that it is very easy to navigate them through a slender profile or narrow doorways. Another reason for getting a lightweight stroller is that it is very easy to fold it and it takes very small space in the vehicle. When it comes to the price there is a large range in the case of lightweight strollers, you can easily get an average lightweight stroller but the features are substantially less in cheaper ones.

Jogging stroller

If you are a fan of jogging and you love to run, this stroller will allow you to have your baby by your side along your run. It is carefully designed for jogging purposes as suspension systems are really efficient to smooth bumps throughout the ride and protect the baby while making them feel comfortable. It has three wheels and can be easily navigated. Most of them also come up with hand brakes in order to stop or slow the stroller when running downhill.

It is not a great idea to take a baby along with you while jogging, but everyone has their reasons and if you also have one way we advise you to get a jogging stroller for this purpose only and not take any other kind of stroller for jogging because it can be really dangerous for the baby. There are three wheels, the front wheel can be fixed in a place or it can be made free to move depends on your needing.

Double stroller

If you are blessed with twins or if you have two babies that are of the age that requires strollers then a double stroller can be really beneficial for you. As the name suggests, there are two designs to choose from single-file seats or side-by-side seeds, it is a great option for twins’ parents because it allows toddlers to stay together in a single stroller. Doubles strollers are gaining popularity very quickly in the United States.

Travel systems

If you love to travel or you travel very frequently then getting a travel system is a great option for you. This stroller can be attached to the seat of the car and the infant can stay inside the stroller. It can be carried using hands and is very popular because it does not require you to wake the baby up each time you have to switch vehicles which is really beneficial because babies spend a lot of time sleeping and when disturbed it can be really tricky to make them calm down and it can also be really embarrassing when you are in a public place.

Key features of a stroller

As pointed out above, there are different types of baby strollers but you must keep in mind that even in the case of similar types of strollers, there can be a lot of differences in features. Every day new innovations are entering the market and people are modifying the existing strollers to make them more attractive for the parents. There are certain features that strollers must possess in order to qualify as an appropriate baby stroller. You can evaluate these features to find out which ones are most important to you as a parent and then look for those.

Accommodates new-borns

There are many babies’ strollers in the market that are not suitable for new-borns because new-borns require special attention when it comes to keeping their neck up. Most of them are suitable for babies that are over six months but what about new-borns. So, you must look for a stroller that specifically provides the following:

  • Feature to clip the infant into the stroller
  • A seat that completely reclines to a surface that is flat.

One-handed strollers

Many of the strollers are able to open and close very quickly with the use of only one hand and this feature can be really important for some of the parents because most of the time you are balancing the baby using your one hand so you only have one hand that is free to access the stroller. Additionally, you can also look for the strollers that can be controlled using a single hand and do not require a two-hand simulation.


Babies often spend too much time in their strollers so it is obvious that there is a high possibility that they can create a mess inside them, like spitting up, drool, snack accidents, or drippy bottles. It is a great choice to look for a stroller that has a fabric that can be removed and cleaned easily to avoid any hassle in the future. Seat cover must be very easy to remove and should be made up of a fabric that is very easy to clean you can ask the seller about the cleanability of the fabric.

Easily adjustable handlebar

Just like most luggage, you must look for a stroller that has the handlebar which is adjustable to the height because it can be really comfortable for the parents.


The skin of the toddlers are very gentle, so it is very important to protect the little ones from unnecessary sunlight and having a sun canopy can be a great choice, In this case, it also provides additional privacy for the kids, there can also be peekaboo windows in order to see whether the child has still something. Look for the shade that has zippers in order to open it so that it becomes easy for you to keep the shade intact.


While traveling with baby, there is a lot of baby stuff that you have to carry so along with baby why not carry all their items using the stroller only. You can look for a stroller that has a stroller basket that can hold most of the baby stuff easily. Approximately all strollers come up with the baby basket but you can look for a bigger basket then average because it is really beneficial for you.

Other dollar accessories

After buying a stroller, there are many stroller accessories that you can add to your choice in order to make it more effective and make it more comfortable for the baby. The things that you can consider are:

  • Stroller Boats
  • Snack and cupholders
  • toy attachments
  • bunting for colder climates
  • rain covers.

Finding the best stroller for you

We recommend you ask your friends and family for recommendations in case they already had a stroller because they will be able to give you useful insights that can be very beneficial for you before buying a stroller. You can also go online to look for various new features offered by new baby strollers. Keep in mind the more comfortable the baby is in the stroller, the better the experience of looking at the world for the very first time is going to be. Only look for the features that are really important to you and try to avoid unnecessary features because it really, it’s up to the cost.


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