Top cheap home security devices to try in 2020

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These top super-cheap home security solutions to give you peace of mind.

This article includes cheap home security devices, including window sensors, indoor door sensors, motion detectors, and security cameras which retail for under $20 on sale. These devices will help you keep your home secure and keep your mind at peace when you will be away from home.

  • Smart Bulbs- An occupied house is a deterrent to burglars. Use smart bulbs in your kitchen, front porch fixtures, or living room and schedule them to turn on at a certain time during the night. The Wyze bulb is a friendly option that retails at $8. These also connect to wifi and can be controlled with the Wyze app on mobile phones.
  • Smart cameras- you can easily find cheap security cameras nowadays. These offer wireless smart features like motion sensors and night vision. This is a wallet-friendly smart home security camera that can be connected to Wifi.
  • Security sensor kit- if you are interested in keeping an eye on house entryway then this security camera kit is the right fit for you. Wyze has a $20 security sensor kit, which has two window sensors, two-door sensors, and a monitor sensor. These can be connected to wifi and can be monitored with the Wyze app.
  • Alexa- A new feature has been recently added to Alexa’s Echo feature set, Alexa Guard. This feature keeps an ear on your home when it’s empty. This will cost around $25, but if you have an Echo, this service will be completely free for you.
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Shubhrata Choudhary