Top Traditional Rummy Games You Should Play

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Rummy is one of the most loved card games in India as it is accessible to everyone and it is one of the traditionally played games in India. There are many players from India who play Indian classical rummy online for cash on a regular basis. The shift from classical rummy to online rummy has made it easy for the players to enjoy their favourite game whenever they like. There are many classical rummy variants that are played in India; some of the common variants are points rummy, pool rummy and deals rummy. There are only minor differences in the rules on how the different variants are played.

Points Rummy – The Common Classical Rummy Variant

Points rummy is the most common rummy variant which is played in India. This variant is also known as strikes rummy and it considered as the quickest rummy variant. Most of the players choose to play this variant as the game is less tiring and more exciting. While playing points rummy online, players have the opportunity to earn money from a really short game. Like most of the other rummy variants, Points rummy games are also played for an amount, which is decided before starting the game. A total of six players can take part in this game and the winner will be able to win the prize pool. The online points rummy variants allow players to take part in low value tables to high value tables and earn money depending on their budget.

Pool Rummy – The Competitive Classical Rummy Variant

As compared to points rummy, pool rummy is a much competitive game as the money involved in the game is also big. To take part in the online pool rummy variant, the players need to pay an entry fee depending on the prize pool and the winner takes away the prize pool. There is no pre-defined number of deals and the game is played until a single player survives the elimination. Pool rummy games are played for a pre-defined number of points known as pool (101 pool, 201 pool etc). In 101 pool rummy, the player who reaches 101 points is eliminated from the game. The winner will be the player with the lowest point.

Deals Rummy – The Exciting Classical Rummy Variant

Unlike pool rummy and points rummy, a deals rummy game is played for a fixed number of deals or rounds. This is another exciting classical rummy variant which is commonly played in India. Deals rummy is played for fixed number of deals, usually ranging from 2 to 6 rounds. In deals rummy, the winner of each round will be receiving all the chips from the losing players. At the end of the total number of deals, the player with the maximum number of chips will be winner. Similar to points rummy and pool rummy, the players need to pay an entry fee for the game which acts as the prize pool.

So if you haven’t tried out the major classical rummy variants, try it now. All the rummy variants are exciting and offer a unique gaming experience.


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