Tornado Hits Mississippi, 3 Killed, 20 Homes Damaged, Dozens Injured

April 27, 2023 7:11 pm4 commentsViews: 441

More than twenty homes were damaged and three people were killed Wednesday afternoon when storms and tornadoes hit northwest Mississippi.

Tornado Hits Mississippi, 3 Killed, 20 Homes Damaged, Dozens Injured

A 7-year-old boy is reported to have died in his family’s car in Marshall County. Two more deaths occurred in Benton County inside their homes, report CNN.

Earlier Monday evening the Mississipi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) officially reported one death and dozens of injuries.

Clarksdale (Miss.) Mayor Bill confirmed planes overturned at a small airport, unknown people were injured and one dog was killed by storm debris.

She too confirmed at least twenty homes were destroyed in northwest Mississippi.

The mayor added further, “I’m looking at some horrific damage right now… Sheet metal wrapped is around trees, there are overturned airplanes, a building is just destroyed.”

Both sides of interstate 55 ware closed, said Mississippi Highway Patrol.

TV footage showed the tornado remained on the ground for more than ten minutes. Social media is flooded with photos and videos of tornadoes shared by people who witnessed it.

People tweeted, “…that’s a big tornado near Clarksdale,” “dangerous storms stretch across multiple states…,” and “just watched a large wedge tornado cross HW72 W of Walnut.”

Meteorologist Greg Carbin from national Storm Prediction Center said such threat ahead of Christmas is unusual.

A year ago too twisters had hit southeast Mississippi that killed five and injured dozens of people.


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