Travel Peru Safety Tips & Advice for Tourists

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Poverty levels, unemployment and corruption in South America inevitably lead to higher crime rates than in other parts of the world such as Europe and North America. While Peru suffers from these same problems, it is not, as a whole, a dangerous place. Many negative reports from tourists arise directly from the carelessness of tourists themselves.

Travel Peru Safety Tips & Advice for Tourists

Peru holiday makers and those on longer Peru backpacking adventures can often forget the principal safety rules which can be applied to any part of the world – especially in large urban areas. The following Peru safety tips are fundamental practices which can be applied throughout South America. They can be divided into four general areas: common sense, composure, instinct and information. Keep these in mind to make a Peru vacation a safe one.

Common Sense Basics – Peru Safety Tips for a Safe Peru Vacation

Common sense is the most basic trait for staying out of trouble in Peru. A Peru holiday is an adventure but recklessness can often lead to problems. It is surprising how many tourists, especially those backpacking in Peru, wind up in trouble through a lack of common sense.

A foreign country is never a good place to start forgetting basic safety measures. When tourists in Peru start doing things that they wouldn’t normally do back home they are inviting trouble. Some examples of simple common sense Peru safety measures include the following:

Avoid, when possible, arriving at an unfamiliar destination at night, especially with no accommodation booked in advance.
Do not walk at night laden with luggage and backpacks – take a taxi. Stick to well-lit streets rather than dark, deserted side streets.
Take cash out of ATMs during the day. Don’t carry more cash than is necessary – avoid carrying credit cards.
Expensive jewelry, watches, bags etc are an unnecessary luxury – they only draw unwanted attention to the wearer.
Local youths on the street will sometimes offer illegal substances for sale. It is never worth the risk buying these substances. They will sometimes insist that the transaction is done out of site – never go with them.
These examples may seem fairly obvious – but sometimes a Peru holiday adventure can get the better of common sense.

Composure – Travel Peru Safety Tips for a Great Peru Holiday

Composure is vital for both staying out and getting out of trouble. Without wanting to sound too dramatic, human predators, like animals, sense fear and confusion. A tourist who looks lost, apprehensive or nervous is far more likely to draw negative attention. Walking confidently and with purpose (even if completely lost!) is an incredibly effective way of avoiding pick-pockets, scammers and thieves.

In the unfortunate event of a mugging or other similar situation, remaining composed is paramount. Showing aggression will almost always result negatively. Either accept the fact that money and/or possessions will be lost or, if not inclined to part with belongings, remain composed and refuse to hand over anything. This obviously depends upon the seriousness of the situation – gung-ho heroism in the face of overwhelming odds is not recommended.

Instinct – Travel Peru Safety Tips for a Safe Peru Vacation

Trusting in your instincts is always a good idea when traveling in Peru. For many tourists, Peru will be an unfamiliar country with an unfamiliar language. It can often be difficult to know where you should and shouldn’t go. Feeling uneasy about any given situation is normally a good sign to make an exit.

If walking into a neighborhood, for example, that seems to have a negative or dangerous atmosphere, simply turn around and walk away. Similarly, if talking to a local who, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem genuine just make an excuse to leave.

Peruvians are renowned for their hospitality, but sometimes excessive friendliness is a front. This is a tricky and unfortunate situation – at times it can be difficult to know when to trust somebody. Again, instinct is a powerful tool. Never trust anyone too quickly in Peru. That may sound harsh, but it will go a long way to make any Peru holiday a safer one.

Information – Travel Peru Safety Tips

Asking questions and looking for more information about any given destination in Peru will help tourists to stay safe. The internet has a wealth of information about many tourist destinations in Peru. For the most up-to-date local information it is best to ask a Peruvian.

Hotel and hostel receptionists are always aware of dangerous areas, local scams and other things generally to be avoided. Many locals go out of their way to ensure the safety of tourists – they are rightly proud of their country and do not want to see its reputation tarnished.

Remembering the four fundamental Peru safety tips of common sense, composure, instinct and information should help to ensure that any Peru vacation is both safe and enjoyable.


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