Uber Shuts Operation In Denmark Following Introduction Of New Taxi Laws

April 18, 2023 1:34 am80 commentsViews: 112

New taxi laws in Denmark has forced Uber to shut down operation in the country. It comes as one of the major setbacks in Europe following problems faced in Madrid, Frankfurt, Paris and London.

Spokesman of the ride-hailing company, Kristian Agerbo, said the company need to take the consequences.

Major changes have been introduced in the new laws including the cabs should have seat occupancy sensors fitten as well as fare meters.

In the European court of justice it is yet to be decided whether Uber or other similar ride-hailing companies is to be regulated as a digital platform or a transport service.

Currently the US-based company employs 2,000 drivers in Denmark and about 300,000 people people use its app.

Even though under the newly introduced laws Uber may not be able to operate in Denmark unless changes are made, but the company will work with the government to help citizens enjoy the benefits of modern technologies.

In several parts of Europe cab operators, taxi driver unions and politicians have argued companies like Uber have failed to comply with legal standards and its service also represents unfair competition.

The courts in Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and France have banned the low-cost UberPop service of the company for using non-professional drivers.

The company has also faced problems in the US lately with allegations of sexual harassment.


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