What To See At Eastern Singapore’s Pulau Ubin Island

April 19, 2023 9:08 am22 commentsViews: 180

For a romantic outdoor adventure date, Pulau Ubin has quite a lot to offer, especially if you’ve not been here since policeman wore shorts. It is also one of the last remaining ‘kampong’ style neighbourhoods in Singapore and so you might want to make a trip there before it becomes another Sentosa.

There are 2 main ways to experience Pulau Ubin – kayaking or biking. There are several companies that offer guided tours around Ubin on either of these modes of transport. Granted you may not have much opportunity to have a leisure chat during this date, but as you sweat it out together and you explore the island, it helps bring a certain closeness that you don’t normally get. It is the intimacy of being in an adventure together and like in many Hollywood movies, as the male and female lead go through thick and thin together, they gradually fall in love! Fine, a trip to Ubin is probably not as melodramatic, but it creates the same sort of effect.

If you can go on a regular weekday, the island can be pretty quiet, which makes for a very wonderful romantic date. Rent bicycles and cycle through the roads and paths in Ubin to explore island. Pack lunch and snacks and have a private picnic somewhere on the island.

There is also a laidback resort on the island called Celestial Resort if you think you want to make it an overnight trip. It offers many outdoor and water activities. You will also want to check out the intertidal flat at Chek Jawa, which has extremely rare ecosystems, animals and plants.


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