What To Wear At a Wedding – Entire Guide

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Most people would agree that choosing a dress or a suit for wearing in a wedding could be one of the most nerve-wracking things ever. We can all accept that wedding guest attire is very essential and also highly complicated.

The decision requires consideration of a series of factors while deciding what to wear at a wedding. The most trouble appears when the wedding invitation is utterly vague about the theme of the wedding or other essential details that must be known while deciding your wedding attire.

As a general rule, men must wear suits and women wear dresses. The suit you choose must not be black, and the dress must not be white. Remember, the specific requirements provided to you through the invitation card like “cocktail attire” or “black tie optional” must be considered as a priority.

Wedding Guest Style for Her

Nowadays, women have comparatively more independence and creative space when choosing their wedding guest attire. The most significant rule for females while choosing the attire is not wearing ivory, white, or off-white.

This guideline is very old-school, but its legitimacy does not tarnish over time as it is not at all recommended to try and outshine the bride on her special day. This rule doesn’t apply when the invitation card accurately guides you to wear white as it is a “white wedding.”

If the wedding is during the daytime, it is best not to wear sequins or black as these colors will surely make you look overdressed, and these are best suited for evening occasions.

While deciding wedding attire and choosing between a revealing dress and a traditional conservative dress, you must be mindful of the wedding guests’ age demographic. 

It is best to avoid wearing revealing, low-cut, overly sexy, or high-hemmed outfits out of respect. Also, even if your friends that are getting married are young, you must make this decision wisely.

When Dress Code Is Not Specified

When the dress code is not specifically mentioned in the invitation, it is natural that it is up to you to choose the best dress as per your judgment.  While deciding, you can choose a full-length jumpsuit, a little black dress, or a cocktail dress could be some great options. You can match them with high heeled pumps or sandals to compliment them.

Talking about shoes, we have to say that choosing the right shoes is as important as any other part of your wedding guest attire. It would help if you chose a pair of shoes based on the formality of your dress. It is also recommended to avoid taking a large purse to a wedding. You can carry a small cross-body bag or a little clutch. Moreover, mini bags are gaining popularity rapidly.

Regardless of the level of vagueness, it not suggested at all to cop shorts or jeans in as wedding as these are hardly appropriate. If you do, it can be easily construed as a disrespectful gesture. No matter your choice, it is important to put in some time and effort while getting ready as a matter of respect to your friends.

Wedding Guest Style for Him

 It is no surprise that wedding guest dressing for men is comparatively easy and does not require much complex efforts. A suitable suit and tie are sufficient for men. For specifics, you can take into consideration any dress code provided or the time of the day.

During the summer, you can rock a suit in lighter colors and fabrics while you can choose a dark-colored suit for winter or fall weddings.

If the dress code specifies black dressing, it is recommended to opt for a traditional tuxedo and avoid making it look cute.  It would be best if you chose a navy blue suit in all general cases and must reserve a black suit for highly formal events and funerals. Only make sure the suit is specifically tailored for your body.

Informal Weddings, Daytime and Evening

Informal, Evening: For women, there is a great deal of creativity and judgment space for women in an informal wedding. You can choose to wear a maxi dress with flat shoes. For men, there are key differences between formal and informal get-ups. The only difference is, you could probably avoid a tie and add a jacket.

Informal, Daytime: During the daytime, a woman could choose a skirt, sundress, and even or top pants, no high heels required. For him, chinos or slacks with a tucked-in shirt is great. They must choose loafers or oxfords over sneakers.

Semi-Formal Weddings, Daytime and Evening

Semi-Formal: In the case of Semi-Formal, Evening weddings, women could opt for a cocktail dress and heels or dressy separates. On the other hand, dress shoes and suit with optional tie is a great option for men. But if the wedding begins after 6 p.m., the tie is recommended.  


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