White House To Hide Visitors’ Logs From Public

April 18, 2023 6:07 am31 commentsViews: 115

The White House announced to be keeping visitors’ logs secret that reveals who is visiting the White House complex and whom they are meeting.

The White House officials said the move is necessary for national security, bringing in line the latest attempt of President Donald Trump to keep the nation safe from terror attacks.

The decision will henceforth bar public from learning which lobbyists, activists, political donors and others are gaining access to the president or his aides over the basic day-to-fay workings of the government.

The announcement is a reversal from the policy adopted by President Barack Obama and comes after a week of changing course on several policies in domestic as well as foreign matters.

Obama had voluntarily released over 6 million visitor records and this was fought in federal court by his administration for the right to keep some of the information secret.

The White House communications director Mike Dubke said grave national security risks as well as privacy concerns are the reasons for withholding the visitor logs.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors take entry to the White House annually.

National Security Archive director Tom Blanton said, “Their action today shows they were just looking for a way to hide the logs… We went to court because we saw this coming.”


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