Wizz Air’s WIZZ SHOP&FLY: A Personalized Shopping Experience for Passengers

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European ultra-low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced the launch of a new online shopping platform, WIZZ SHOP&FLY, designed to offer a personalized shopping experience for its passengers. The platform, a first-of-its-kind, provides individualized shopping recommendations, allowing passengers to explore a variety of fashion, beauty, and retail brands and make purchases that will be delivered directly to their homes.

Wizz Air's WIZZ SHOP&FLY: A Personalized Shopping Experience for Passengers

The airline has partnered with online shopping startup InterLnkd, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a personalized shopping experience through its fully integrated online store. The platform will analyze passengers’ previous shopping habits and the destinations they will be flying to with Wizz to create a list of personalized products. For example, passengers flying to warm-weather destinations may see advertisements for beachwear and other warm-weather products.

The platform could prove to be an incredible opportunity for Wizz Air to unlock new revenue streams, while InterLnkd will gain access to a new customer demographic. The platform is undeniably innovative, as it is the first of its kind to connect travel and hospitality companies to fashion and beauty retailers, allowing companies like Wizz Air to raise auxiliary revenues.

Wizz Air customers can benefit from this luxury shopping experience without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The platform will also provide an AI-supported network for acquiring items to ensure customers are fully prepared for their holiday adventures.

The new WIZZ SHOP&FLY platform is among several other unique initiatives deployed by the carrier within the past few months to help drive auxiliary revenue. The airline recently honored its 90 millionth passenger with a surprise £200 travel voucher and offered a “mystery flight” from London in March, taking passengers to an unknown destination where a pre-planned holiday awaited them.

Wizz Air’s WIZZ SHOP&FLY platform is a game-changer for the airline industry. By offering a personalized shopping experience, passengers can now enjoy a unique and tailored shopping experience, while the airline can unlock new revenue streams. The partnership with InterLnkd is a win-win for both companies, and passengers will reap the benefits of this innovative platform.


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