YouTube’s Latest Feature Makes Shopping Easier Than Ever

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YouTube is making it easier than ever for creators and brands to connect with shoppers with the introduction of new YouTube Shopping Collections. With the rise of online shopping and the popularity of shopping-related videos, this new feature aims to streamline the shopping experience for both creators and viewers.

YouTube's Latest Feature Makes Shopping Easier Than Ever

In 2023 alone, people spent over 30 billion hours watching shopping-related videos on YouTube, showing just how much interest there is in shopping content. To cater to this demand, Google has been rolling out new features to make it simpler for creators to tag products in their videos and earn revenue through their affiliate program.

One of the key updates introduced in October 2023 was the ability to add timestamps to tagged products, allowing creators to highlight specific products at the right moment in their videos. This ensures that viewers can easily find and purchase the items they’re interested in. Additionally, creators can now tag affiliate products across their entire video library in bulk, making it even more convenient to monetize their content.

Now, with the launch of Shopping Collections, creators have a new tool to showcase curated product selections from their favorite brands or their own product lines. Whether it’s a collection of everyday makeup essentials or the perfect capsule wardrobe, creators can tailor their collections to suit different themes and interests.

For example, creators like LongHairPrettyNails and Sydney Morgan have already created collections featuring their favorite beauty and skincare products, while others like Johnny Ross are sharing recommendations for special events like the Sephora Savings Event.

These collections will be accessible to viewers through the creator’s product list, Store tab, and video descriptions. While the feature is currently available on the Studio app for mobile, it will soon be accessible on desktop as well.

With YouTube Shopping Collections, creators have yet another tool at their disposal to engage with their audience and monetize their content, while viewers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience directly within their favorite videos.


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