14 Canadian Embassy Guards Of Nepal National Killed By Taliban In Kabul

April 14, 2023 7:12 am7 commentsViews: 649

At least fourteen security guards of Nepal national have been killed in Afghanistan capital Kabul by a Taliban suicide bomber.

14 Canadain Embassy Guards Of Nepal National Killed By Taliban In Kabul

According to Interior Ministry, the guards were boarded on minibus while on the way to the Canadian Embassy when a Taliban suicide bomber attacked, stepping up assaults as part of their summer offensive.

All the Nepalese security guards worked as guards at the Canadian Embassy.

It is reported the bomber was on foot and struck the minibus. The Interior Ministry said in a released statement it was an act of a terrorist suicide bomber that also wounded nine people including four Afghan civilians.

Afghanistan’s chief executive officer Abdullah Abdullah condemned the attack and tweeted, “This attack is an act of terror and intimidation.”

The Taliban militant group has taken the credit of the attack.

Elsewhere, at least eight Afghan people were killed after a bomb rigged to a motorbike in a province in the northeast.

In another bombing one civilian was killed and five others were injured including a provincial council member in Kabul.

Last month a Taliban suicide bomber targeted a minibus carrying court employees and killed eleven including several judges in the western part of Kabul.

Spokesman for Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bharat Raj Paudyal, said they are verifying the names of the victims.

Nepal does not have embassy in Afghanistan. Its embassy in Pakistan is collecting all the related information about the attack and victims.


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