2.7-Magnitude Earthquake Hits San Ramon, Peru

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US Geological Survey reports a small 2.7-magnitude earthquake has struck Monday night at 10:19 p.m. near San Ramon.

2.7-Magnitude Earthquake Hits San Ramon, Peru

San Ramon is a province in the Puno Region of Peru.

On Sunday night too San Ramon was hit by a 2.9-magnitude earthquake and it was followed by another 2.6-magnitude in the region at 2:48 a.m. on Monday.

In recent weeks more than 200 small earthquakes have shook the region starting October 15, said US seismologists. Those were felt as far as Pleasanton, Dublin, Alameda, San Leandro and Lafayette.

No injuries or damages have been reported.

According to USGS the Calaveras Fault is releasing tension and within a period of next thirty years there are chances of getting quakes above 6.7-magnitude.

Earlier this month the annual Great California ShakeOut drill of 2015 was held and people prepared themselves for future earthquakes.

Earlier this month, on October 17, the Californians marked the anniversary of devastating Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 in Northern California that killed 63 and injured 3,757 people. It severely damaged the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge too.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge earthquake

The quake was such named for the Loma Prieta peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains that was just east of the epicenter.

California is located on the San Andreas Fault, forming tectonic plate boundary between Pacific and North American Plate. This is the reason earthquakes are common occurrences in the state.

Every year California experience thousands of shocks, but most of those are very small to be felt. However, below are the most significant ones.

2010-04-04 – 7.2-magnitude in Baja California
1999-10-16 – 7.1-magnitude in Eastern California
1992.06.28 – 7.3-magnitude in Inland Empire
1992-04-25 – 7.2-magnitude in Cape Mendocino
1989-10-17 – 7.2-magnitude in Santa Cruz Mountains
1980-11-08 – 7.2-magnitude in Cape Mendocino
1923-01-22 – 7.2-magnitude in Cape Mendocino
1906-04-18 – 7.7-magnitude in Northern-Central California
1892-02-23 – 7.8-magnitude in Baja California
1872-03-26 – 7.8-magnitude in Eastern California
1857-01-09 – 7.9-magnitude in Central-Southern California

Yesterday, a 7.5-earthquake shook South Asian countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Hundreds have been killed and thousands injured. Click Here to read in full.


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