3 Popular Musical Instruments For Beginners

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Learning how to play an instrument is, without a doubt, not an easy feat. Sometimes, it can take years and years of practice. That’s why the number of people who manage to learn to play on their own or only with the help of online courses and resources is quite low. Commitment is necessary before anything else.

If you’ve always considered yourself a somewhat musical person, maybe you’ve always enjoyed the idea of learning how to play an instrument. We’ve created a short list of some of the easiest to play instruments that you might want to give a shot to.

A ukulele

The best thing about ukuleles is that they are considerably smaller compared to guitars. What this means is that the learner doesn’t have to make a whole lot of effort to reach the strings and play the right chords.

If you aren’t a fan of the way a ukulele sounds, we do recommend trying your luck with a ¾ guitar. We do not suggest starting to play a full-size one, though, and that’s because your hand and fingers aren’t yet well-adjusted to the girth of the guitar neck.

There are loads of ukulele courses out there that can assist you in your playing endeavors. And let’s face it, uke music is pretty sweet and relaxing. If you have no idea what we’re rambling about, just consider the Over The Rainbow cover performed by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. It’s almost better sounding than the original.

A digital piano

From all of the instruments we have taken into consideration, a digital piano is probably the hardest to learn. It does require quite a bit of commitment, and you definitely need a specific flair for it. Your musical hearing abilities also have to be on par, especially if you’re no fan of playing by the notes.

Nevertheless, many of the models that we have stumbled upon are rather easy to use. Yamaha, one of the best-known brands in the industry, has started to develop heaps of budget and user-friendly models for folks who want to play in the comfort of their own home and for their pleasure alone.

But since it’s quite tedious to pick your first digital piano, we suggest going through some well-written articles before making your final decision.


While learning to play the drums is an adventure, to say the least, doing the same with African drums, also known as Djembe, isn’t all that awkward, time-consuming, or complicated.

Best of all, with this type of instrument, you just have to let go and enjoy your creativity. Feel the rhythm as correctly as possible and try to stick to the sounds you’ve heard in the original song that you’re probably trying to play a version of. The Djembe makes for a great alternative for someone who hasn’t gathered the courage to try out playing a full set of drums.

In fact, many music enthusiasts can have issues with their rhythm when starting to play an instrument. Practicing with a Djembe set can be the right way of going about things at the beginning.


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