6 Ayurvedic Medicines That Should Always Be a Part of The Medicine Cabinet

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A first-aid box stocked up with medicines related to every small health alteration is found in every house. Over the counter medicines help deal with minor ailments like cold, headache, constipation and more. Interestingly, many ayurvedic medicationare also making their way to medicine cabinets maintained at home. And why not, they are natural and have no side effects. Here are 6 ayurvedic medicines that should always be a part of the medicine cabinet. This comprehensive ayurvedic medicine list will surely turn you towards Ayurveda.

Himalaya Wellness Pain Relief Oil

Enriched with cedar tree extracts, drumstick and sweet flag, this is a great product to heal arthritis pain and neuromuscular pain. Himalaya Pain Relief Oil is a must-have product in any house that has elderlies or those associated with any sport. This oil helps say goodbye to painful situations after a gentle massage,and warm shower followed after it. However, it is advised to use this oil under medical supervision for people who have a background of critical medical condition(s).

Axiom Wheat Grass Giloye Stem Juice

Offering a mix of rich resources including wheatgrass juice, giloye juice and amla juice, Axiom Wheat Grass Giloye Stem juice helps maintain the body’s immunity. In addition, this juice is extremely beneficial for those suffering from asthma, kidney failure and any chronic disease. While supporting the immune system, this juice also proves to be good for those suffering from anaemia, obesity, arthritis, gout and heart blockage. Furthermore, it also helps in increasing haemoglobin which is good for pregnant women.

Organic India Neem Capsule

The benefits of neem are not hidden. With great anti-bacterial qualities, Organic India Neem Capsuleeffectivelyheals fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Acting as a blood purifier supplement, this capsule is also effective against parasites and candida. These capsules are 100% natural product with broad spectrum plant based antibiotics.

So Sweet Stevia Tablet

Great for health-conscious individuals, So Sweet Stevia Tablet has no chemical components and acts as a natural sweetener. With no carbohydrates and zero calories, this sweetener is great to cure varied ailments and is extremely safe for diabetics and those who keep a strict tab on their health. Furthermore, this tablet also stops the growth of oral bacteria and helps in decreasing gum diseases.

Baidyanath Chyawan-Vit Sugar-free Chyawanprash

Serving as an excellent immunity booster for one and all, Baidyanath Chyawan-Vit Sugar free Chyawanprash contains the goodness of Amla, Guduchi and more that are great at building immunity. Being a sugar-free product, it is great for consumption for those who keep a strict tab on their health and those who are suffering from diabetes.

Zandu Pancharishta

With an ability to improve appetite and digestive system, ZanduPancharishta is a must-have in any house. Enriched with raisins, this ayurvedic wonder improves bowel movement. While strengthening the digestive system, ZanduPancharista can be consumed for as long as required.

Most of the medicines in this ayurvedic medicine listare in use since ages and are proven to be effective and extremely safe. These medications can be easily bought online from any of the online medicine stores like 1mg. The fast delivery and unmatched customer service make them the best option. However, it is advisable that you use them only after consulting your physician.


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