Lack Of Enough Sleep Leads To Heart Disease: Study

Lack Of Enough Sleep Leads To Heart Disease Study
Lack Of Enough Sleep Leads To Heart Disease Study

There are several reasons one should have enough sleep and here’s one important one. In a new study it is found insufficient sleep may risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Lead author of the study, Daniela Grimaldi, said the physiological as well as biological processes in human body and also among animals follow a circadian rhythm that is regulated by an internal clock.

Circadian misalignment occurs when the sleep and feed cycle are not sync with the internal clock.

Grimaldi is an assistant professor at Chicago’s Northwestern University.

Earlier studies too have found sleep deprivation for longer period may lead to heart disease.

People who are in shift duties at work place mostly suffer from insufficient sleep and up to 30 percent of the working population are such workers.

The study was conducted on 26 healthy people aged between 20 and 39 and they had to undergo restricted sleep to five hours for eight days. The bedtimes of the participants were also either fixed or delayed by 8.5 hours on four nights.

Higher heart rate was discovered during daytime in both the groups and the rate was greater when sleep was deprived along with late bedtimes.

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