How to Do Laundry? – Step by Step Instructions

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Laundry is a basic part of each and everyone’s daily routine and if you are finding yourself in a position where you have to do laundry but you are not exactly trained how to do so, do not worry, because doing laundry is not very difficult if you follow these following steps:

Pay attention to the labels

It is important to keep in mind that you do not put all your clothes in a single machine because not all those are made up of the same fabric and mixing them with other fabrics can cause damage to those clothes. So, you need to read the labels on the clothes and wash them accordingly. The label can mention if those clothes have to be “washed separately” or in a different way and then you need to act accordingly.


The next thing you need to do is to make sure that you sort your clothes during laundry by color.

Sort again

Once you have sorted your clothes on the basis of colors, now you have to sort each and every item on the basis of the fabric.

Choose a detergent

Keep in mind that not all detergents are suitable for all types of fabrics. So, you need to choose a detergent that is an all-purpose laundry detergent and you need to use it properly as per the directions given on the packaging.

Choose water temperature and cycle

The next thing you need to do is choose the temperature of the water in which your clothes will be washed and the times it will be cycled. The best temperature to choose is cold water unless your clothes are heavily stained. Also, the actual temperature does not matter in this regard, you always need to use cold water for rinsing.

Final judgment

Before hitting the button on the machine you need to make sure that each and everything is completely accurate because one little mistake during laundry can make the whole experience toxic and your clothes can be ruined easily.

Load the washer

the next step is to load your clothes into the water but make sure I do not put all the clothes at once you need to make sure each and every clothes separate from one another.

Unlock the washer

After the machine has done its work, it is time to unload the washer and hang the items to air dry. You can also use the dryer if in a hurry.

Load the dryer

In order to dry your clothes, you need to load the dryer by placing all your items in the same order into the dryer and choose the correct temperature for each type of clothes.

Store the clothes

After your clothes are dry, make sure that the clothes are hanged or folded in order to prevent wrinkling of the clothes. You can also iron if you must.


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