All You Need to Know About Motion Sickness – Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

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Do you hate traveling because of motion sickness? If yes, then trust me, you are not alone. Many people face the issue of motion sickness. It is a disturbance of the inner ear caused due to repeated motions from any movement which disturbs the inner ear. Continue reading the article to know about motion sickness causes, symptoms, and remedies. 

Some people experience vomiting and nausea when riding in an automobile, airplane, or amusement rides. In fact, 3-D movies also cause nausea for some people. This condition is known as motion sickness. It refers to seasickness when riding in a ship or boat. However, both are some disorders. 

Motion Sickness Symptoms

Motion sickness is basically a feeling of nausea and dizziness that is caused by traveling in a moving vehicle, aircraft, or ship. It is triggered by movement and can even cause vomiting. Below mentioned are some common motion sickness symptoms. 

  • Sweating
  • Not feeling well
  • Feeling of discomfort

Mild Motion Sickness Symptoms

  • Yawning
  • Mild unease
  • Headache

Severe Motion Sickness Causes

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Pallor
  • Short breath
  • Drooling
  • Drowsiness

Motion Sickness Causes

Now the question is, what causes motion sickness? Our brain senses motion sickness through different pathways of nervous systems like the eyes, inner ear, and tissues present on the body surface. 

When our body moves intentionally, like while walking or running, the input from different pathways is coordinated by the brain. 

The symptoms of motion sickness are caused when the central nervous system receives confusing messages from the sensory organs: eyes, inner ear, joint and muscle sensory receptors, and skin pressure receptors. 

Motion Sickness Cure

Now that you know motion sickness causes and symptoms let’s explore the motion sickness cure and remedies. People believe that motion sickness usually stop if the motion causing sickness stops. However, this is not always true. Many people suffer the symptoms for some days, even after the trip is over. Here are cures for motion sickness. 

Tips for Immediate Relief

Distracting yourself or changing the position when you notice motion sickness can help in relieving the symptoms and stop them from becoming severe.

Take Control

When our eyes see movements different from the ones sensed by our inner ears, it causes motions sickness. If you are a passenger, opt for driving the vehicle. Yes, you read it right. When you drive the car, the senses connect in a better way, which helps in avoiding motion sickness. 

Keep Your Eyes on a Stationary Object

While riding a car, focus on a stationary object located at a distance. It helps with visual stimulus. Moreover, move your positions in the vehicle in which you are traveling. It will also help you in relieving the symptoms of motion sickness. 

Keep Your Face in the Direction You are Going

If you can not drive, then you should keep your face in the direction in which you are traveling. It might help to disconnect between your inner ear and visual sense. 

When traveling in a ferry, try to move from the rear to the front of the boat. You can also opt for sitting in the front seat as it reduces symptoms. 

Change the Positions

Continuously seeing the moving objects while traveling is also one of the common motion sickness causes. Some people believe that standing up helps in reducing symptoms. While others believe that lying down is a better way. 

The options to change the position depending on the type of travel, so try different positions while traveling to find out which one suits you best. In a car, leaning your head against the headrest can help in reducing the head movements, which can help in reducing the symptoms. 

Have Some Light Snacks

Consuming snacks such as saltine crackers can help in easing nausea. Do not eat foods that are greasy, heavy, or acidic. They are difficult to digest and might worsen your sickness. 

Keep light snacks with you if the road stops offer only fast food options. Other good options for snacks include bread, cereals, bananas, and apples. 

Get Some Air

In case of motion sickness is overcoming you, go outdoors or crack a window. In case your mode of travel or weather does not allow you to step outside, turn on the air vents and move them towards you. Moreover, you can also use a fan to blow air. 

Pro Tip – Avoid smoking as it might worsen your sickness. 

Drink Carbonated Beverages or Water

Sips of carbonated drinks like ginger ale or seltzer can help to curb nausea. Moreover, you can also opt for sipping water. 

Avoid caffeinated drinks like some sodas and coffee as they might cause dehydration and worsen your nausea. Other good choices include apple juice. 

Avoid Screen

You might love reading books or texting, but avoid them when traveling if you have motion sickness. Yes, you read it right. One of the motion sickness causes is our nervous system starts receiving conflicting messages from our sensory systems, which leads to nausea and vomiting. So, when we try to read something, it leads to a sensory disconnect between the eyes and inner ear, which worsens the symptoms.

Instead of reading something, you can switch to music, audiobooks, or have a nap to pass the time. It will keep you distracted and can help in avoiding motion sickness. 

Distract Yourself

Distract yourself from motion sickness by turning on the radio or indulging in a conversation. It will help in keeping your mind off from how you are feeling. Distracting yourself is the best motion sickness cure and can make you feel better.

Some studies present evidence that listening to music can help with nausea and other symptoms related to motion sickness (Source). 

Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness

Some home remedies for motion sickness can help you to stop motion sickness. Below mentioned are some natural remedies for motion sickness. 

Chamomile Tea

There is a wide range of benefits of chamomile tea. Chamomile is the best herb to soothe the stomach, relax stomach muscles, and reduce acids. You can easily find chamomile tea at the nearby grocery stores. 

You can opt for steeping chamomile tea before starting the trip. Moreover, you can also store some tea in a travel mug and then drink it cold or hot. 


There are various motion sickness causes which can worsen the symptoms. However, some scents like lavender or ginger essential oil can help you to reduce the symptoms. You can also make your essential oil at home to reduce nausea when traveling. 

You can use oil in different ways; however, diffusing is the best way as it has the lowest risk. Opt for diffusing for only one hour. You can also use an essential oil necklace or take sniffs from the bottle in a moving vehicle. 

Pressure Points

There is a pressure point on your wrist, known as nei-kuan. It is the best point and can provide your quick relief. All you need to do is put your ring finger, index finger, and middle finger on the right on the inside part of the left wrist and start under the crease.

The nei-kuan is located underneath the index finger. After finding the point, apply firm pressure on both or one wrist for around four to five seconds. It will help in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness. 

Licorice Root Lozenges

It is best to soothe stomach acid irritation and help digestion. It is also an effective remedy to get rid of vomiting and nausea. The serving size varies according to the brand of your licorice root lozenges. It might taste good, but remember it is an herbal supplement. 


Ginger is one of the best herbs to include in an anti-inflammatory diet. Moreover, it is best to reduce motion sickness. You can either take it in tablet form or chew a fresh stem to relieve symptoms. 


Below mentioned are some tips to prevent motion sickness.

  • Make sure to sit in a position in which the motion seen by your eyes is similar to that felt by your inner ears. 
  • Opt for sitting on the front seat and try to look at a distant scenery.
  • If you are on a boat, opt for going up on the deck. Moreover, watch the motion of the horizon to keep yourself distracted.
  • In a plane, sit at the window seat and look outside.
  • Avoid reading while traveling if you experience motion sickness.
  • Avoid sitting on a seat that faces backward. 
  • Do not talk to anyone who is facing the issue of motion sickness while traveling.
  • Avoid greasy or spicy food during travel. 

Final Words

Many people face the issue of motion sickness, so you do not have to feel embarrassed about it. You can opt for remedies like chamomile tea, ginger, or aromatherapy to reduce the symptoms and enjoy the journey. If you have some other tips to get rid of motion sickness, share with us by dropping a comment.