Attacks Reported Even After Agreed Ceasefire In Syria Between US, Russia

April 15, 2023 5:38 pm1 commentViews: 177

The world today waited patiently to see how long the fragile peace would last in Syria after a deal made between United States and Russia to halt operations.


United States Secretary of State John Kerry said the ceasefire looks good in the begining but it is still early to wrap up to any conclusion.

Just ahead of the ceasefire the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave a message to the opposition forces that the country is determined to regain all the territories from the terror groups and re-establish security as well as safety.

The president added to be reconstructing and rebuilding infrastructure that has been destroyed in the five-year civil war.

In the defiant message Assad further said, “I think this message needs to be directed … to those who bet against Syria in the first days, weeks and months of the crisis and until today.”

Assad didn’t omitted to mention the message is given to all those who have supported the terrorists in Syria.

However, it is to note Assad has often referred his opposition members seeking his ouster as terrorists.

The Assad family has ruled the country for about 45 years.

Meanwhile, even after the ceasefire few attacks have been reported. The Aleppo Media Center counts those to be five on Monday. However, these attacks are yet to be confirmed by international media.


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