Baby Born Twice In North Texas; Once During Fatal Surgery

April 16, 2023 5:08 am26 commentsViews: 95

A North Texas baby girl was born twice, once in March and again in June this year. Doctors had to perform open fatal surgery first to save Lynlee’s life.


Mother Margaret Boemer calls her daughter with such name as it means a huge fighter or a miracle fighter.

In January, at about twenty weeks of pregnancy, doctors at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston discovered a tumor that was bigger than the size of the unborn baby. It was positioned in the top left and the baby’s head was beneath it. If not removed, the tumor would steal the blood supply and cause heart failure.

In the 16 weeks of pregnancy the parents said the ultrasound photo looked like a baby having two heads.

Other specialists recommended the Boemer couple to terminate the pregnancy, but for them it was simply not an option.

Margaret said, “We wanted to give her a chance at life no matter what, and if she didn’t make it and she passed than that’s what happens.”

In the 23rd week of pregnancy doctors pulled out the baby from Margaret’s legs to her torso, making an incision in uterus, to get space removing as much as tumor as possible.

The surgery lasted for about four hours and the baby’s heart stopped. She required a blood transfusion and the mother faced danger as well.

Margaret said, “During the surgery, I could have had blood clots. I could have bled out, and my uterus could have ruptured.”


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