Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

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Did you know that black tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water? Well, the more you know, the better. Black tea has properties similar to that of white and green tea, and are derived from Camellia Sinensis.

Black tea is consumed worldwide and is also commonly blended with other plants like Earl Grey and English breakfast, providing it with a distinct aroma and flavor.

Despite being similar, the properties of its white or green counterparts are not identical to them. For instance, black tea infamously contains comparatively higher caffeine content than green or white tea. 

There are many health benefits of black tea, and some of those proven ones are mentioned here.

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So, without further delay, let’s get to it.

Oral Health

In thorough research conducted by the Tea Trade Health Research Association, it was determined that consumption of black tea could halt the formation of plaque and restrict the growth of bacteria.

It must be noted that due to its ability to restrict bacterial growth, black teas can also decrease tooth decays and cavities. Moreover, there are polyphenols present in black tea that restrict the development of cavity-causing bacteria by stopping the rise of bacterial enzymes.

These bacterial enzymes are responsible for growing a sticky-like material that attaches plaque to our teeth.       

May Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

There is a range of side effects of having high blood sugar levels. From kidney failures to type 2 diabetes and even depression, a high blood sugar level can cause them all.

Moreover, if you consume too many sweetened beverages that are full of sugar, you are only making the condition worse by exposing yourself to a higher risk of developing a chronic disease.

There exists one study, in which it was found that black tea is capable of increasing the insulin activity by over 13 times.   

May Enhance Gut Health

Bacteria are not bad all the time. There are over a trillion bacterias in our stomach, and most of them are crucial for smoothly regulating our digestive system. In the studies conducted on this matter, it was found that many diseases, like obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, or even cancer, are combated by these bacterias.

Consumption of black tea is good for you in this context as it has been proven to be effective in stimulating the growth of good bacteria and restricting the growth if bad ones.

May Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood is a very common yet dangerous condition that affects over 1 billion people around the world. It is found to be an elevator in the risk of heart attack, kidney failure, loss of vision, and even stroke.

Luckily, there are ways you can sustain your blood pressure at appropriate levels. A study that lasted over 6 months found that those who drank three cups of black tea every day for 6 months saw their diastolic and systolic blood pressure fall lower than the placebo group.  

May Help Improve Focus

As mentioned above, there aren’t many teas that contain all the goodness of both tea and caffeine. Apart from caffeine, black tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that is considered effective in improving focus alertness.

There have been multiple studies showing that beverages containing a combination of caffeine and L-theanine can have a greater positive impact on alertness and focus. They are also effective in enhancing the alpha activity brain.   

May Lower “BAD” LDL Cholesterol

There are two types of lipoproteins in our body that transfer cholesterol throughout the body, High-density lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

LDL is considered “bad” as it is responsible for transporting cholesterol to the cells of our body, whereas the HDL is considered “good” as it transfers the cholesterol to our liver for excretion.

Drinking black tea can decrease the LDL “bad” cholesterol in our body, decreasing the risk of heart failure or stroke.

May Reduce the Risk of Strokes

After Ischaemic heart disease, a stroke is a leading reason for death worldwide. It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked by some reason or is ruptured. Luckily, it has been noted that almost 80% of the strokes can be avoided by alterations in the diet and maintain a healthy blood pressure level, physical activity, and not smoking. 

In a study that followed 74,961 people over the period of 10 years, it was concluded that the chances of having a stroke decreased by about 32% in people who drank four or more cups of black tea a day compared to those who didn’t. 

May Improve Heart Health

The main reason why black tea is good for your heart is the presence of a group of antioxidants called flavonoids.

Flavonoids are known to be effective in keeping the heart healthy and sound. Apart from black tea, they can be consumed through fruits, vegetables, red wine, and even dark chocolates.  

In a 2009 research, it was found that people who consumed 3 or higher cups of black tea had 21% lesser risk of having a stroke when compared to those who consumed less than 1 cup.

Antioxidant Properties

Black tea is popular for having strong antioxidant properties. Due to this, sufficient regular consumption of black tea may decrease or even eliminate damage in our body, which would reduce the risks of developing chronic diseases.

The main source of antioxidants present in black tea is the combination of polyphenols like thearubigins, theaflavins, and catechins.

Moreover, promising research showed that catechins present in tea could assist in losing weight. 

May Reduce the Risk of Cancer

There are 100 different types of cancer, and not all of them are preventable. However, there have been a few studies showing that polyphenols present in black tea may lower the risk of tumor growth.  

To be specific, black tea may reduce the risk of prostate, lung, breast, and skin cancers. In another of such studies, it was determined that polyphenols present in green and black tea could alter the development of cancer cells.

That being said, more human research is required before labeling black tea as an alternative treatment for cancer.

Pro Tip: You can consume black tea with other additives like milk or sugar, but in order to get the most out of these benefits, you should drink it without any additives. 


There are a lot of health benefits of black tea. The main source of these benefits is the presence of antioxidants in them.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Feel free to share your thoughts and drop your queries using the comments section down below.


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